CCOS April - Heneshenasharadaan, Drihten of Pinnacle

**Heneshenasharadaan, Drihten of Pinnacle** A ranged support that interacts with allied crowd control. --- > # Lore > Welcome to Pinnacle. The city at the centre of the multiverse. The place where all roads lead, physical, metaphysical and spiritual. > > Gaze upon its skyline. Float along the twisting paths spanning its weightless terraces. Admire its towers deep below and its dungeons high above. Its everlasting gloom of darkest night and brightest daylight. Its vines stretching between its myriad planes of existence, home to ghosts and explorers. > > Visit the bazaar of A'kha'lha where the secrets you devoted your life to are sold for pennies. Walk hand in hand with a lost deity or forgotten concept in the pale light of the geist-chandeliers. Gamble with the three-headed pit-born in the Void Between the Walls. Enter the loop of Lun where the winged archons of the moon compete in contests of speed and grace. Plumb the depths of Kraj and its rituals of blood and passion. Set foot on the magnificent Promenade and behold the richness of the multiverse and its races, living, dead, undead or otherwise. > > Pinnacle, where no harm shall befall its inhabitants. The city is under my protection. > > This is my world. It could have been yours, too. > > They called me human once. I don't remember much about those days. Dark, grim, brown days, scavenging like a street rat until the thieves' guild caught me. They decided a knife in the gut was not good enough and banished me here, the place where magic ends and new sorceries bubble up from the raw void. It was meant to be a fate worse than death. > > I was nothing, the light in a streetlamp on Cloud Bank. In those dark aeons, Pinnacle was a refuge for outcasts, the final resting place for mages cast into oblivion, the black hole from which no one escapes. But I saw potential. Growth. Transformation. I reached out to kindred souls. We united, reformed, tore down this wretched pit and built Pinnacle upon its ashes, a splendid beacon shining unto the multiverse, beckoning the lost and downtrodden. > > But you... you are destroying my city. Your sorcery drains its strength. Your holy light casts a dark shadow over Pinnacle. Your wars grind its proud marble to dust. Pinnacle is your destiny, the end point of all that is. No one leaves. No one wants to leave. But I did. I will put an end to your League of Legends and erase your Institute from all facets of existence. And not one of you insects shall stop me. --- > # Abilities # **Passive - Architect of Pinnacle** > **Enchanted City** > Hene'n may drag an item from the shop window onto a friendly building, paying 7.5% of its gold cost to add the item to the building's inventory where it imparts its passive effects on the building. The presence of an item is indicated by flowering vines around its base. The item is lost when the building is destroyed. > > **Living City** > Hene'n may right click a friendly turret within 1200 units to summon a vortex of raw magic that removes all crowd control debuffs from nearby allies within an 800 unit radius around the turret and applies them to the turret instead for their remaining duration. Cooldown 120 seconds. # **Q - Vortex Orb** *"I'm not wasting my time shaping this into a fireball for your convenience!"* > * Skillshot > * Mana cost: 55/60/65/70/75 > * Cooldown: 11 seconds > > With a dismissive gesture, Hene'n conjures an orb of twisting magical energy and launches it after a 0.6 second channel. The orb moves at a speed of only 750 units per second, but Hene'n continues to channel after it is launched, causing the orb to track the position of the mouse pointer, turning up to 180 degrees per second. It dissipates harmlessly after 2 seconds. > > Reactivating the ability or being interrupted releases the orb from manual control, causing it to continue its path in a straight line until its duration runs out. > > On impact with an enemy, the orb explodes for 50/90/130/170/210 (70% AP) magic damage in a 175 unit radius. The primary target is blinded for 0.5 seconds plus 30/40/50/60/70% of the orb's travel time (maximum duration 1.1/1.3/1.5/1.7/1.9 seconds). If the primary target is already affected by another crowd control debuff, the explosion deals true damage and the target is knocked airborne for the same duration instead. > > *Use: Enables Hene'n to poke in lane and support his marksman by blinding the opposing marksman. In combination with allied crowd control, it becomes a powerful but difficult to time suppression that is more reliable at very close range but more effective at a distance.* # **W - Imperious Splendor** *"Pinnacle is the rose that never wilts. The marble that never loses its shine. The twilight that never fades. The blood that never cools or dries."* > * Aura self buff (friendly) > * Mana cost: 65/70/75/80/85 > * Cooldown: 15/14/13/12/11 seconds > > Hene'n spreads his arms and levitates while vines spiral around him for 2.5 seconds. During this time, enemies within 700 range facing him are awestruck, taking 30/45/60/75/90 (20% AP) magic damage per second and any crowd control debuffs affecting them wear off 30/35/40/45/50% slower. > > Enemies within range but facing away take half damage and are otherwise unaffected. > > *Use: Dissuades enemies from going all in on Hene'n during large scale fights, enabling him to play his poke game. Also an effective followup to a Vortex Orb to extend its duration.* # **E - Opalescence** *"I do not discriminate against the magical arts in Pinnacle. Some of my best friends are enchantments."* > * Targetted (hostile) > * Mana cost: 60/65/70/75/80 > * Cooldown: 16/15/14/13/12 seconds > > Hene'n launches a green magical flare that travels in a straight line for 850 units, dealing 40/70/100/130/160 (40% AP) magic damage and placing a curse on the first target hit. > > The curse has a duration of 6 seconds and is represented by a dull white star above the target that glows brightly when the target becomes affected by one or more crowd control debuffs. This indicates that Hene'n may reactivate the ability to create a physical manifestation of the crowd control debuffs on the target in the shape of a glowing white bird that emerges from the cursed target and travels toward the mouse pointer. This skillshot has a maximum range of 850 units and hits the first enemy in its path, applying the same crowd control debuffs for their remaining duration (they are not removed from the original target) and dealing 50/90/130/170/210 (60% AP) magic damage. > > Reactivating the ability immediately ends the curse, even if the skillshot misses. > > *Use: In combination with any strong allied crowd control such as Wither or Terrify. It is telegraphed and difficult to land outside of teamfights. In lane, can be used to damage and disable the opposing laner through a minion wave.* # **R - I Am Everything** *"It took more than my own will and determination to build Pinnacle."* > * Targetted (friendly champion only, no cast time) > * Mana cost: 75 > * Cooldown: 40/35/30 seconds > > This ability can only be cast on a friendly champion within 1000 range and only within 1.5 seconds after the target uses a basic ability. > > Hene'n beckons, causing a blue spark representing the target's most recently used basic ability to emerge from the target and travel in a straight line toward Hene'n, passing through any obstacles in its path for up to 1500 units. If Hene'n catches the spark, the ability it represents replaces his **R** ability for 3.5 seconds. If the stolen ability scales with AD, half of his AP is converted into bonus AD for the purpose of this ability only. Its colour palette is changed to white and pale blue. > > Cooldown is reduced by 50% if Hene'n fails to catch the spark or opts not to use the mirrored ability before time runs out. > > *Use: To copy an allied crowd control ability to go with his crowd control amplifying effects, or to deal an unexpected burst of damage.* **Champion stats** > Health: 510 (+70) > Health regen: 6.25 (+0.5) > Mana: 325 (+50) > Mana regen: 6.75 (+0.75) > Range: 475 > Attack damage: 52 (+2.5) > Attack speed: 0.65 (+1.75%) > Armor: 20 (+4) > Magic resist: 30 > Movement speed: 335 **Role** > AP support (botlane). **Recommended items** > {{item:1056}} {{item:3158}} {{item:2045}} {{item:3092}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3116}} --- > # Quotes **Upon selection** > * If only a thousand kings fell the other way. **Attacking** > * Bend and fall. > * Become as nothing. > * Dust and shards. > * Wander no more. > * The gates of my city welcome all. > * You would make excellent pavement. > * Bronze and mind. > * Descend unto Pinnacle. > * Shimmaraan requested a lock of your hair. > * Like a triangle with four sides removed. > * Run like rats from their god. > * A single strand between you and reality. > * Collapse into spectraform. > * A symphony of gold and murmur. > * Like the flickering lamp of the imperious. > * Immolation is art for eternity. > * The barbed hooks of the source. > * No gods live in your home. > * In suffering lose your grace. > * May the ravens write an epic about you. > * No one dies in my city. **Movement** > * For the pillars of earth and voice. > * Pinnacle is all you ever wanted. > * I am the prism of all that lives. > * I am Pinnacle. > * Humans are incomprehensible. > * Each star the glint of a mirror wall. > * Pinnacle shines from beyond. > * What is a world but the flame of a candle? > * Would you kindly? > * Three sides to my promise. > * A sky painted with strokes of might. > * A million facets, a million colours. > * Each soul is a single tower. > * A foolish move, limited one. > * A maelstrom of stone and possibilities. > * As the greyhound soars. > * Fury and emperor. > * Light, darkness, and the other state. > * King and queen and bridge crowned. > * As all are one is manifold. > * Like a fish fluttering in the morning breeze. > * A heaven for thought and blade. > * What if your moon was emerald green? **Joke** > * Pinnacle is the front gate of the multiverse. > * Press Alt-F4 to pay respect. **Taunt** > * You are like the lord who bears the towers. > * Pinnacle is everywhere you have ever been. **Upon using I Am Everything** > * This belongs to me. > * This belongs to you. > * This belongs to us. > * This belongs to them. > * This belongs to some. > * This belongs to everyone. > * This belongs to no one. > * This belongs to Pinnacle. --- > # CCOS optional objective **Inscription on the gates of Pinnacle** > Answer this, traveler on the manicured grass of certainty: which of the following landmarks is self-contradictory? > > * The Shimmaraan Spire > * The Wolf of the Gate > * The Veiled Bridge of Ten Thousand Words > > Many false answers lie within. Those who seek the truth, return whence you came! > > Your Mayor, Heneshenasharadaan --- [Image credit: deviantArt]( ---
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