New Gamemode/ Add-on where you Swap players based on vote/rgn

Ive had this idea in my head for a while now. Sounds exactly as it looks, you play in summoners rift for a while with a certain objective in mind (think nexus siege) Then when the round ends and everyone swaps sides, you also swap around the players. How you swap could either be based on vote or the game could just randomly shuffle the players Guess i like the idea of yesterdays enemy is today's friend kind of thing. Ofc if people get mixed around then that means people who won and lost would be on the same team, to get around this you could have the game be best of 3 while it keeps tabs on who won and who lost eg 1st round you play like its normal 2nd Round all the or some of the players swap around 3rd Round Everyone swaps back to their original team End Winners are decided on who won 2 out of the 3 rounds This is just an idea i had and theirs probably some more problems with this but i think it could be fun to add onto a game mode ie urf or have as its own gamemode? Any other suggestions? and does anyone else like this idea?
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