Wukong Rework Concept (Clone based)

Passive - Way of the Trickster After being Unseen for 8 seconds, Wukong replaces himself with a clone and transforming into its staff. The clone takes damage in place of Wukong and interacts differently with Wukong's abilities. Clones act as minions that follow Wukong and die after taking 40% of their max HP. If only one clone exists, it can be controlled as a pet >Not much added in terms of gameplay value, essentially an extremely powerful shield Q - Crushing Blow Wukong's next basic attack gains range and hits all targets in a line based on how long Wukong channels, stunning those in a small radius around the target Cloned - Wukong will land on the target stunning in a wider radius and dealing greater damage. This ability has a set animation equal to 0.6 AS >Too many newbs cry about the lack of counterplay in Wukong's original kit so now this is an avoidable basic attack now but in exchange, given much more area of effect and crowd control. It also technically gives Wukong a blink if you cast it as his clone W - Decoy Wukong throws smoke poppies at the ground briefly becoming invisible while in the area Cloned - Wukong's clone continues the last action taken while Wukong emerges at the current area >Having invisibility location based is apparently more fair in Riot's eyes so yea...or maybe not since Akali... E - Nimbus Rush ~~Wukong dashes to target area and attacks a nearby target. Clones split from Wukong at cast dashing randomly to an area randomly near Wukong's destination and attempt to attack a nearby target. Wukong splits into more clones if this ability hasn't been cast for a duration.~~ ~~Cloned - Wukong emerges at targeted location with greatly increased movement speed~~ Wukong dashes to target area and attempts to attack a nearby target. Clones are created based on the number of enemies in the target area and dash with Wukong each landing randomly in an area near a unit before attempting to attack them. Cloned - Wukong can recast this ability to dash again without generating additional clones and dashes significantly faster for a short duration >The initial idea was overpowered vs a single target due to the possible number of clones to dash with. This version allows Wukong to create an army to match an army while being able to hide among his clones if diving into a mob while being less useful for only escaping R - Cyclone Wukong creates a clone that swings him for 4 seconds dealing physical damage and knocking up targets while slowing himself greatly at the start and increasing over the duration. Damage and the knock up duration increase the longer Wukong spins. Cyclone can be recast to launch Wukong in target direction ending the channel with the speed and distance scaling based on time spent spinning. Targets can be knocked up once during each cast >It's a beyblade yes...but what if the beyblade could be launched? In comparison to the current ult, this exchanges initial mobility and damage for an Ornn like effect and a larger radius

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