Fushu Kan & Bushu Kan, The Twin Assassins.

Two Sepetate Beings... One Champion. Fushu and Bushu are twin brothers, and the leaders of the assassins "guild" in Shurima, Fushu is a master of unarmed combat, while his brother Bushu can use nearly and weapon with leathal effect, they are the last two surviving members of the Shinukin family.... They work contracted assassinations on targets deemed too dangerous, or too well guarded, that the others within the guild refuse to accept. So, Lets get into it. R must be taken at level 1, has 1 level. R; My Turn. Swap between Fushu and Bushu. Cannot be cast in combat. Passive; Fushu; Unarmed Brutality; Fushu's basic attacks deals a % of the targets bonus armor as bonus true damage, up to 100 damage. Passive; Bushu; No Escape; Bushu's basic attacks slow the target by small %, this effect can stack up to a 99% slow. Q; Fushu; Unnatural reflexes; Fushu blinks to target enemy, Dealing a small amount of magic damage and stunning them for a brief time. Q; Bushu; Jagged Caltrops; Bushu Throws a pile of caltrops to target location, creating a small crescent. Enemy champions or minions that pass over them take a small DoT as physical damage, and are slowed by a large amount for as long as they remain in the caltrops. W; Fushu; Speed Demon; Fushu gains a large amount of decaying movement speed and attack speed. W; Bushu; Rushing Daggers; Bushu throws 4 daggers that seek out the nearest enemy,(up to x range away) dealing moderate physical damage. E; Fushu; Blast Blow; Fushu's next basic attack will knock the target up, and deal a moderate amount of magic damage E; Bushu; Dancing Blade; Bushu's basic attacks become empowered for a short time, dealing a small amount of damage and shredding armor briefly. A little rushed, But I think its still playable, Idk, Yeet.

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