Tryndamere Rework Idea (Support & Ashe)

Yesterday I was thinking about Xayah/Rakan design and I thought that our now (almost) forgotten champion Tryndamere {{champion:23}} could use a gameplay upgrade (and some visual tweaks) that could bring him back into the meta and also have some mechanics with Ashe {{champion:22}} since they are married and rulers of the Freljord kingdom. So my idea (crazy one) is to rework Tryndamere into an agressive support (somehow like Pyke). The basic part of the kit could remain the same but with some gameplay changes overall. First of all, the skill-set could be something like this (scales with AP) **Passive - Battle Fury** Tryndamere gains X Fury for striking a unit or X Fury when he receives damage, and X extra Fury for killing a unit. When out of combat for X seconds, Tryndamere loses X fury every second. Tryndamere Skills scale/change its efects depending on his actual fury (pretty much like Renekton) King & Queen: Some Tryndamere skills have increased efects when playing with Ashe. Also Tryndamere and Ashe can use Recall together. (Like Xayah and Rakan, because LOVE) King & Queen: Tryndamere gains extra fury if he hits an enemy unit that was hit by any Ashe skills or AA. **Q - Bloodlust** Passive: Tryndamere thirsts for blood, gaining reduced damage from consecutive hits by enemy champions. If Tryndamere reaches X limit he can activate Bloodlust Active: Tryndamere consumes his stored damage creating a shield for XX/ XX / XX / XX / XX (+XX% of ability power) hitpoints King & Queen: If Tryndamere is near Ashe when activating the shield, the shield is X% stronger. **W - Mocking Shout** Decreases surrounding champions' physical damage by XX / XX / XX / XX / XX, and if used when over 50% fury it causes fear for a brief time. **E - Spinning Slash** Tryndamere hurl his sword to the target location damaging enemies in its way. When the sword lands it slows the enemies in a small area and stays there for a short period or until Tryndamere picks it up. The cooldown is reduced if he picks it before the time runs out. (like Olaf axes) When Tryndamere throws his sword he can still AA but the range is reduced (uses his hands) If Spinning Slash is used above 75% fury Tryndamere can re-cast the skill to jump back to the sword, slowing the enemies around him when he lands. **R - Undying Rage** Tryndamere becomes completely immune to death for X seconds, refusing to be reduced below XX / XX / XX Health and instantly gaining XX / XX / XXX Fury. King & Queen: If Ashe is nearby Undying Rage duration is increased for 0,XX secs and Tryndamere receives a XX shield at the end of its duration. -------- So while I think this Tryndamere still has the original Trynda spirit as all the skills remain more or less the same (except E and maybe Q) he has his AA power gone but instead becomes some kind of a CC monster who can absorve tons of damage while he can't be ignored due to said CC. You would buy Targon's shield firt and then buy some tanky items with a bit of AP or bit of AS (to gain fury a bit faster). Played as other CC monsters, goeing all in creating havoc on teamfights and absorving lots of damage for his team-mates (can't be ignored, can't be killed). As the actual Trynda ignite + some CC at the end of his ultimate would be as efective as always. -------- So that's it, If you have any idea or opinion about my idea for Tryndamere feel free to coment here. I know ther are lots of players who still play Trynda but it's mostly gone from games and never seen in pro games, wich is sad considering he is one of the iconic champions from the old days but he's never seen and also considering we now have a lot of interaction between "lovers" in game could use a bit of it with Ashe.
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