Time to Guess the Next Victorious Skin

This is just a bit of fun speculation and my attempt to create a discussion. You should take this with a grain of salt, but I did this kind of thing last year and Orianna was one of my guesses. Finally, It's still just speculation. I'm not gonna act like I'm the absolute truth here. So take that as a disclaimer. **What we Know: ** Now we already know that Riot, secretly, works on the victorious skin line at the start of spring. This means that they may have already decided on the contender and the design is currently in progress. As far as qualifications, we know that contenders with a conquer/ challenger/ championship skins are disqualified. We also know that they cannot have received a skin in 2019, cannot have a rework on the horizon, and have to already have a decent amount of skins. **Theory Stuff** There has been talk on how riot does things based on classes like fighter/ tanks/ support/ etc. However, the more popular opinion is that they do it based on the role you play. Both of these theories remain evident from the first 5 seasons and the respected trends show no sign of stopping after. From this, we can deduce that this year's victorious skin is likely going to be something connected to either ADC or support... However, it is also important that we cover the missing classes as well. **My Guesses 2019** {{champion:157}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:37}} **Honorable Mentions** {{champion:81}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:236}} **Conclusion/ Reasoning** If the class theory IS true, Yasuo is the prime candidate for the victorious bot lane spot because Graves already filled the marksmen role. The supports listed with him have been top 10 in gold+ and consistently good through the years. If the class theory ISN'T true, then I would say the honorable mentions are the best marksmen candidates (in no particular order). The supports listed with them have smaller play rates, but still, continue to do consistently well in ranked thanks to their dedicated player bases. Things like {{champion:555}} and {{champion:67}} were not included because they already received skins this year and stuff like {{champion:12}} and {{champion:145}} are already in line for the for the World Championship Skins from 2018. Anyways, These are pretty much my guesses. What are yours? What did you think? Let's talk about this!
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