Riot, it's time to start selling Map skins.

I'd be willing to pay a 4 didgit RP price for a night mode Summoner's rift. (Edit by Mikasa Ackerman9) Or the Blood moon rift. Or any other special map skins Riot has done and could do. It's bad enough that we're limited to 3 (maximum 4) maps, but also being limited to the same design? This is unacceptable for a game that claims to be "modern". I'd also like to see a Demacia/Noxus split map skin, similar to the Battlefield of Eternity from HOTS. This game can be so much more. League has incredible lore and the world of Runeterra is filled with magical and unique places, yet we only get to see 3 of them at a time. Personalization in League is laughable compared to the competing DOTA and HOTS. Hell, they even sell ANNOUNCER PACKS, meanwhile, we're stuck with the same old lady since 2009, getting new announcers only on special events. It's time to improve! It's time to evolve!
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