CeeCee's kit

This is just a kit idea for CeeCee, for those who dont know, from the concept for CeeCee, Braum was born: http://img4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20150307164955/leagueoflegends/images/3/31/Braum_CeeCee_pre-concept.jpg Stat, Scaling and Duration Numbers are just for illustration, I was more focused on how the abilities work. Had a little fun naming the abilities hope you dont mind. She is intended to be a support, but one of the abilities is designed to give more help to melee champs. R: **Hyper Carry**: Available from lvl 1. CeeCee can re-attach the big shielding part of her waepon and change the conditions on the battlefield: * **Drop** (First Cast): She drops the front shield like part from the Hexatech Device, the dropped part transforms and folds in to a box with an 300 units aura that pulls enemy projectiles towards it for 150 units (the travel path is changed in parallel with the initial one ) . The aura is disabled if an allied champions are inside the aura, or if the box is attacked by a champion: The box reroutes its energy to shields itself for 2 sec for every AA, this stacks, so 10 AA in 5 sec would keep the box shielded for 15 more seconds after the attacking is finished. http://i.imgur.com/c4Uq0EV.jpg * **Carry** (Reactivation): 1. If: in 350 Units of the box CeeCee dashes towards it damaging all units in 250 range at the end. 2. Else: sticks the handling part in the ground and waits(channeling like) the box to travel and reconnect with the handle at which point creates an implosion damaging and pulling all enemies in 400 range toward her. The traveling box damages all units in its path. ------ Passive: * **Carry**: -10% MS + 10% AP. All damage passing trough her (Lux Ult, Varus Q) is 10% less effective. If CeeCee Is airborne she lands device first, damaging all units within 400 units for 10 X lvl + (0.3 AP) magic damage. _Yasuo will pay for every Malphite combo :D_ * **Drop**: Removes slow debuffs, +10% MS for 3 sec. Next 3 AA are empowered with 30 + (0.3 AP) ---- Q:**Plasma bubble**: Fires a plasma bubble that travels 900 units trough minions: 1. if she hits an allied champion the plasma wraps them and **shields them** for 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 / 140 (+ 0.5 AP) and puts of an electric arch **returning 0.3** of all the damage taken to the attacker, If it is true damage 1.0 of the damage is returned (the returned damage points can not exceed the shield points). 2. Else if she hits an enemy she damages them as the same amount as the shield and slows them for 30% for 2 seconds. 3. Else (if no one is hit by it) the plasma hovers for 3sec at the end of its traveling point after which it explodes damaging and slowing all units within 300 units, or until it is picked up by an ally as a shield. This ability is not effected by the Ultimate. -------- W: HEMP : Fires an 35 degree, 400 range **H**exatech **E**lectro **M**agnetic **P**ulse **in a cone** . **Drop mode** pushes all traps and minions that it hits for 125 units under 35 degree angle from the center of the wave and reveals all invisible traps for a short time that it hits. http://i.imgur.com/C8kWzQQ.jpg In **Carry mode** additionally damages, reveals and pushes(in same way as for the traps) all enemies in its path. ----- E: **Magnetic Gate**: She fires and places a wide and curved energy gate within 800 range that lasts for 6 seconds. 300 length in Drop mode, 600 length in Carry mode. **Drop Mode**: One ally can right click the wall from 500 units away, electric arches grab him and pull(dash) him towards it in the direction of the click point for (500 - (AA-Range / 0.5) units) , meaning Caitlyn dashes for 175-units and Talon 475-units. If the dash passes trough the wall the dashing ally can move trough units for the next 3 seconds. Enemies passing trough the gate get 30% slow for 1 sec. http://i.imgur.com/2XZ8JPx.jpg **Carry Mode**: This gate(wall) is wider and slows all projectiles for 90% that decays over 1 second. And all AA projectiles that pass trough lose 10% of their power. Allies passing trough get 20% Movement speed boost for 1 sec.
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