The Mischievous Adventures part 380

(Later) {{champion:50}}: "So yeah, summer's coming to a derpessing end." {{champion:74}}: "Quite, futhermore more adolescents are coming in to be educated for the next these 260 days or so." {{champion:50}}: "Did you memorize that or-" {{champion:62}}: "Oh hey it's you." {{champion:50}}: "Huh? Oh, yeah you're the joke guy right?" {{champion:62}}: "Yeah, want to hear one?" {{champion:50}}: "Actually no-" {{champion:62}}: "Ok so, why should you never trust atoms?" {{champion:74}}: "Because they make up everything?" {{champion:62}}: "Yeah, how'd you know?" {{champion:74}}: "A lot of my students have been telling me that one." {{champion:62}}: "Ah..." {{champion:50}}: "Your the same aren't you?" {{champion:62}}: "Yeahhh."
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