[Champion Concept] Nurzhan - The Spirit Gunslinger

http://taguiar.deviantart.com/art/SANDMAN-COMMISSION-514145099 http://johnkohlepp.deviantart.com/art/Gunslinger-185945911 >[Prologue [The Gunslinger’s Spell]( http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/ZN8RvEhL-prologue-the-gunslingers-spell) ] ----------- #***Lore*** ***"For that he is the most precious thing to me – I will not rest until his heart beats again***" **- Nurzhan, the Spirit Gunslinger** *"**Nurzhan Gilead**’s source of power lies in the energy of powerful spirits – He draws upon those spirits energy to cause death for those who stand before him and his **revenge**. **Nurzhan** observes and acts for nothing else than for the innocent who die by the hands of evil. The most evil person he ever met was the one who took away the dearest person to him, his **son ‘Ka’**. Like a bad joke, a creature that claims to be the **Guardian of Life & Death** stole the soul of **Nurzhan**’s son, only because **Nurzhan** chose a path of darkness and corruption.* ***Nurzhan*** *was born in the hot desert of the Voodoo Lands, said to be born in the night of a **blood red moon**, thus had the powers to live in two worlds, the spirit world and the world of men. His powers were never truly unlocked and instead he was plagued by the call of the **Spirit Walkers** and untamed Spirits that cannot find peace. For all these years he lived alone, away from any company, until he woke up in the morning when he was lying on the ground, and a young beautiful woman was staring at him. First he tried to avoid any dialogue with her, but he couldn’t resist asking her what the hell she was doing there. For some reason both felt in love, and even though **Nurzhan** was plagued by his powers, he could ignore it as long as he had his wife, as if she cured him simply by being near him. * *Long story short, **Nurzhan**’s wife gave birth to his son **Ka**, but she died in the process – she lost too much blood. **Nurzhan** blamed himself for everything, that without him she would be alive, but as time passed by he recognized that when one life goes away, another comes – and in this case it was his son **Ka**, who needs him more than ever. He tried to be the best father one could be, and so Nurzhan had to steal, to mug and sometimes kill someone so that his son could eat and live a happy life, but in the end **Nurzhan** was nothing more than walking on the path of darkness and corruption. The **Guardian of Life & Death** stole the soul of **Nurzhan**’s son so that **Nurzhan** could take the right path again, because he was destined to do great and help people who are in need, but if one life goes away, another one goes too…* *The loss of his son has driven him mad, and unlocked the powers of a **Spirit Walker**, which he now abuses to draw upon the souls of the mightiest spirits. He wants to become more powerful than the mysterious creature who stole the most precious thing to **Nurzhan**. And for that revenge he has to take the four mighty animal spirits that linger in the Spirit Walker **Udyr.** "* ------- #***Appearance*** https://afartherroom.files.wordpress.com/2010/09/comic.jpg http://hideyoshi.deviantart.com/art/Mystic-Gunslinger-159548360 Nurzhan wields a short to mid long gun that draws upon the power of spirits in order to shoot projectiles and use his abilities. http://naru--.deviantart.com/art/Gun-12035031 (Please click on the picture if you want to be redirected to DeviantArt and its Creator) -------------------- #***Champion Explanation*** * *Nurzhan Gilead (**Nurzhan means “Light Soul” and Gilead is from the book “The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger” by Stephen King**) is a rough and sometimes stubborn person who believes that when you once were happy, you can’t go back. He tries to get the time back when he was happy, when he had his son... This is his destiny.* * *Nurzhan hated the curse he was given from his birth on. Everyone dissociated from him because he could see and do things that were not normal for them, and thus left them for a journey of loneliness. Until he found his wife, a crazy little gal who never judged Nurzhan for what he is, but for what he does – and he cared for her, until she died. It was destiny, or so they say. The only thing he had in this world was his son, now he has nothing anymore. * * *Nurzhan has two enemies – two goals. One is to finish off Udyr and gather the Animal Spirits for his own power – and second, he wants to find and eliminate the Guardian of Life & Death in order to bring back his son alive. * * *No one is sure who this mysterious creature is who calls himself Guardian of Life & Death. Since begin of history, there are reports of a serpentine like creature that flies high above in the sky, almost unrecognizable for the human eye. It could be that creature. However, a theory says that this certain creature wanted to take the soul of Nurzhan’s son so that Nurzhan becomes enlightened and turns back to the path of good. And the Guardian blackmailed Nurzhan indirectly by taking the soul of his son Ka, so that Nurzhan will realize what evil he has done – but it didn’t work out like that.* * *Nurzhan is a combination of a Gunslinger and a Spellslinger. He uses a physical weapon, but uses spells and spirit invoked projectiles to harm his enemies. * * *Nurzhan is a great combination of an Marksman and Mage combined, dealing mainly physical damage, but using abilities to survive and do great plays. He is best played on Bot, and maybe works also great as Jungler and Top due to his sustain potential. * -------------------- #***Stats*** Health 510 (+80) Attack damage 53 (+3) Health regen. 7 (+0.78) Attack speed 0.625 (+3.1%) Armor 22 (+3.0) Magic res. 30 (+0) Range 525 (Ranged) Mov. speed 335 ------- #***Abilities*** ----- #***Unique Resource: “Spirit Bullet”. Whenever Nurzhan gains a kill, he also gains a charge of Spirit Bullet. Nurzhan can hold a max of 5 Spirit Bullets at once and Spirit Bullets are required to activate basic abilities. If there are no Spirit Bullets anymore, all of Nurzhan’s basic abilities become unavailable and replaced by a single ability that shares the same Cooldown (Similar to Zyra’s passive after she gets killed).*** ----- #***Innate Passive - 'Spirit Bullet':*** *Once Nurzhan has no Spirit Bullets, all of his basic abilities become unavailable and instead replaced by a single ability that can draw the spirit essence of enemies to refill Nurzhan’s ammunition. In addition, Nurzhan gains **+5%/+10%/+15% Lifesteal (Champion Level 1/7/12)** when he has no Spirit Bullet.* ------------------------ #***Q – ‘Draw Burst‘:*** *Within **450 range**, Nurzhan selects a target and immediately bursts with a dark powerful spirit bullet that will hit the target. The Spirit Bullet deals **45/55/65/75/85 (+100% Base AD)(+30% Bonus AD) physic damage** and once the target is hit, the target cannot be hit by **Draw Burst for 3.5 seconds**. * *Once **Draw Burst** has been executed successfully, Nurzhan is able to cast **Draw Burst again shortly after (1 second time)** but cannot hit the same target **twice for 3.5 seconds** after he used **Draw Burst** on that target. Everytime **Draw Burst** is used in quick consequent succession the damage is increased by **15%** up to a max of **45%**.* * **Info:** Draw Burst counts as basic attack and applies on-hit effects, critical strikes and Lifesteal. Draw Burst can be used as Auto Attack Reset because of the fast ability animation at high attack speed. Forced to stay for 0.3 seconds while activated. If Draw Burst isn’t cast within the 1 second time frame, it goes on Cooldown normally. * **Spirit Cost: ** 1 each cast * **Cooldown: ** 7.5/7/6.5/6/5.5 ----------------- #***W - 'Gunslinger’s Line'*** *In a **550 range long and 225 range width area** in front of Nurzhan, Nurzhan **jumps 425 range backwards** in the opposite way while he shoots with a revengeful and restless spirit bullet that deals in the area **80/95/110/125/145(+85% AP) magic damage** and for each enemy unit hit by, Nurzhan receives **+1.5/2.5/3.5/4.5/5.5 AD for 3 seconds**. The duration can be** refreshed with basic attacks**.* * **Info:** Can be used to trespass walls. When activated, there is a small delay before Nurzhan jumps backwards. * **Spirit Cost: ** 2 * **Cooldown: ** 17.5/16.5/15.5/14.5/13.5 ---------- #***E - 'Cleanse Shot':*** *Nurzhan’s **next basic attack** within **2.5 seconds** will be a pure spirit bullet that cleanses the target hit by, which removes **one positive effect** on that target (**ex.: Nunu’s buff, Gangplank’s E buff, Lulu’s Speed Buff, Draven’s W buff**) and removes the current after effect of **‘Draw Burst’**.* * **Info:** Doesn’t Attack Reset. Damage of Basic Attack will be still implied. When Draw Burst hits a target, the target becomes the after effect so that Nurzhan can’t use Draw Burst again on that target and with Cleanse Shot, the after effect is gone and Nurzhan can use Draw Burst on the target again. * **Spirit Cost: ** 1 * **Cooldown: ** 12.5/12/11.5/11/10.5 ------ #***Ultimate - 'Next Day Will Never Come':*** *For **4.5/5.5/6.5 seconds**, Nurzhan becomes engulfed in hatred and draws all restless and untamed spirits to him to gather for the time being in his body and weapon. For the duration, Nurzhan has **unlimited Spirit Bullets** and gains **+5%/+10%/+15% Lifesteal (Champion Level 1/7/12)** and all of his basic abilities’ **cooldowns are halved**. * * **Spirit Cost: ** 0 * **Cooldown: ** 120/100/80 ------ #***Q,W,E – ‘Spirit Injection’:*** *This ability will be available once **no Spirit Bullets** are available. Once activated, Nurzhan sweeps one time around himself, dealing to all enemies within **350 range 25/35/45/55/65/75/85/95/105/115/125/135/145/155/165/175/185/195 magic damage (Based on Champion Level 1-18)** and if ‘**Soul Injection**’ successfully hits an enemy unit, Nurzhan receives **5 Spirit Bullets** and **5% of his Missing Health** for each enemy hit by.* * **Info:** Beware, this ability, once it hits an enemy unit, will be unavailable for atleast 8 seconds, as Nurzhan gains 5 Spirit Bullets which can be hardly depleted fast enough. So if it doesn’t hit any enemy unit, there is an 4.5 seconds Cooldown until it finally hits or Nurzhan gains Spirit Bullets by killing units. * **Cooldown: ** 4.5 ------ #***Concept Explanation*** I cannot say if Nurzhan offers some supermegaawesomeultrahighdope kit or mechanics. His mechanic is quite similar to Rengars, while not centering on a special ability that becomes empowered, but centering on using abilities with a more resourceful resource.. can I say that? If you ask me how to play Nurzhan, I want him to play that way: 1. Q the primary target (Champion). 2. Q a secondary target like a Minion 3. Q a third target and so on until primary target (Champion) can be attacked again with Q 4. Q the primary target (Champion) and he receives +45% more damage. Or 1. Q the primary target (Champion) 2. Q a secondary target like a minion and E on primary target (Champion) 3. Q primary target (Champion) and so on… in a teamfight, it can be pretty devastating. * ***Innate Passive*** allows the Spirit Gunslinger to empty his Spirit Bullets with no hesitation, as then he is able to deal more damage and gain his Spirit Bullets back. * ***His Q*** is awesome, but kinda lame when 1v1 a target. For that, E can be used, or you use Q when you’re in a minion farm, because then you can consequently use Q on minions and on the enemy, with a consequent damage boost. * ***The W*** gives Nurzhan the ability to escape risky situations or create more distance between him and his enemies. * ***E*** Removes a buff from the enemy and removes the after effect of Q, which causes Nurzhan to be unable to use Q on a target shortly again. * ***Last, but not least - The Ultimate*** creates a whole new level for Nurzhan. He is able to use his Q on a five enemy group indefinitely, but becomes also a easy target for them if he comes too close. * ***His QWE replacement skill*** that is only available once he has no Spirit Bullets left, can create some awesome plays. Compared with other Marksmen, Nurzhan has a short range, but definitely a great damage potential. He can bring havoc to his enemies once he truly knows how to play and use his abilities right. It doesn’t do much to randomly use his abilities, as then he has no Spirit Bullets anymore and once he tries to get them back, he’ll be an easy target. Nurzhan is weak against long range Marksman such as Caitlyn or Ezreal, but is also strong against high movement based Marksman like Lucian or Vayne, who can’t avoid Nurzhan’s abilities so easily. On the other hand, strong bruisers such as Irelia or Riven can devastate Nurzhan if he doesn’t play carefully. Tanks like Nasus or Renekton can’t kill him so easily because he will kite them, if well played. ------------ #***Possible Skins*** Soul Reaver (Shadow Isles Theme) http://shun-008.deviantart.com/art/Gunslinger-Spawn-001-78495691 http://redblackhood.deviantart.com/art/wip-gunslinger-spawn-33986315 Demonhunter http://dantewontdie.deviantart.com/art/Gunslinger-Stylish-174123318 Headhunter http://django-red.deviantart.com/art/Gunslinger-Adept-386764645 High Noon http://mbreitweiser.deviantart.com/art/The-Gunslinger-121582315 (Please click on the picture if you want to be redirected to DeviantArt and its Creator) Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. If you want to see more of my work, then feel free to visit my [CCCC](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/rO567m9r-enter-the-neverworld-champion-concept-list) (*Custom Champion Concept Compendium*).

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