The Grand Heist of Zaun [Fan Fic]

#[View it here!]( >For years, I have been the bane of these cities. I've always been trodden on, outcast, a mistake..." _"All my life I've been chasing a ghost. A myth. Not this time. This time I'm going to catch whoever...or WHATEVER...C is."_ >"That time is ending. It is time I step out and begin rectifying my mistakes. There is one, however, I have to start with..." _"We're going to change things. Even if we have to bring Zaun kicking and screaming forward? We're going to change this damn city."_ >"My experiments led to this disaster unfolding in Zaun. My hands are stained by what I have done...and it is time I rectify this." ##What is "The Grand Heist of Zaun"? This is a story I've been working on for quite some time in the background, a fairly large fan fiction involving the twin cities of Zaun and Piltover clashing over ideals...and perhaps more importantly, stealing something valuable. With rotating perspectives, a large cast of characters and a little bit of everything, "The Grand Heist of Zaun" hopefully has something for everyone. ##Wait, who that? To better tell the story ~~and for my own selfish reasons~~, there are a few original characters added to the story to better convey the actions as well as the tale. I do understand that this can be an "Avoid at all cost" for some people, which I respect. If you like them, cool! If you don't, I'm sorry. ##Didn't you write this before? Yep, back in 2015 or so! However, with the Piltover/Zaun retcon, I went out to reset the story and remake it with both new characters not added at the time of the story's release _and_ to better fit into the new lore! ##I really liked- Hold you roll there: Don't talk spoilers here! Feel free to ping me on another platform (be it twitter, discord or the league client) if you have anything you want to add or talk about. ##Found a typo! Thanks! I edited it myself so there are bound to be some things that slip through. Just as above, ping me with the page and the information of the typo so I can fix it!
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