A Corporate Matter Season 9 Episode 9

#A Corporate Matter **Episode: _We Only Have One Licensed Universe Left And Are Milking It For As Much Money As We Can_** {{champion:240}} "So, you have been keeping unknown alien lifeforms locked up here without telling me?" {{champion:36}} "You busy with fire repairs. Besides, Corporate Mundo know how to build cage, nothing get out." {{champion:240}} "Yes, but it's my job to protect this building. And I can't defend a property that is hiding something from me." {{champion:36}} "And me telling you now." {{champion:240}} "What are you even planning on doing with aliens?" {{champion:36}} "Corporate Mundo holding them until me find scientist to study them. Maybe learn new money opportunity." {{champion:240}} "So, they are just in here?" {{champion:36}} "Yep." _"Opens door."_ {{champion:240}} "Hmmm, these things are freakier than some of my hallucinations. I thought you said you had five?" {{champion:36}} "Corporate Mundo do have five." {{champion:240}} "No no, there is definitely only four here. This cage is empty." {{champion:36}} "Hahah, right right. That just mean it got out." {{champion:240}} **"IT GOT OUT?!"** {{champion:36}} "Wait, no. My cage impenetrable, nothing get out." {{champion:240}} "Oh thank Rito. A freaky loose alien is not something we need right now." {{champion:36}} "Yeah, no worry. Someone must have stolen it." {{champion:240}} **"WHAT!? THAT'S WORSE!"** {{champion:36}} "You right. **SOMEONE STEAL CORPORATE MUNDO'S NEW CASH COW!** Me is going to need you to find thief and bring back alien." {{champion:240}} "Stolen property, now that's something I can handle. Don't worry, I'll get your thing back." _**Meanwhile:**_ {{champion:238}} "What the hell!? What the hell!? **WHAT THE HELL!?**" _**"Calm down Sade, there is nothing to fear."**_ {{champion:238}} "Calm down? I just wanted to steal something good to sell. So I wasn't thrown out on the street next week. Not merge with a freaking alien. Or whatever you are." _**"It's we now."**_ {{champion:238}} "Not, it's not _we._ It's me and no one else." _**"You don't have to be so rude."**_ {{champion:238}} "**RUDE?!** You're the one who entered my body without consent. Around here we call that rape." _**"I'm sorry. But there was no time. We had to get out of there quickly."**_ {{champion:238}} "Well, you can get out of me quickly now too." _**"I can't do that. Without a host, I will die."**_ {{champion:238}} "Look, I feel sorry for you, that really sucks. But I want to live my life as me, not as a host to some alien." _**"Well, sorry to inform you. But that is never going to happen. They know who took me and will be here shortly. Without me, you will die."**_ {{champion:238}} "That's insane. They can't possibly know who stole you." _**"They had it warded."**_ {{champion:238}} "Shit." _"Gets stabbed by a harpoon."_ {{champion:555}} "There you are. The new number one on my list. You took something that doesn't belong to you." {{champion:238}} **"I DON'T BELONG TO ANYONE!"** _"Grows a scary alien ninja suit."_ {{champion:555}} _"Picks up a walkie talkie."_ "Hey boss, I found him. Yeah, he went back to his apartment like an idiot. But uhh, he definitely has the Alien. And I think it's about to kill me, so I could use some back-up." {{champion:238}} **"You messed with the wrong Galaxy Slayer!"** _"Really, that's your title. You sound like a five-year-old."_ {{champion:238}} **"Would you shut up and let me kill this fool?"** _"No, no killing. I may be a thief, but I still have morals."_ {{champion:238}} **"No killing? But I just said I was a Galaxy Slayer. I commit genocides of entire civilizations for fun. Killing one undead human is nothing to me."** _"Don't care, you want me to be your host, you will follow my rules. No killing is one of them."_ {{champion:238}} **"Fine, but if I cause permanent brain damage; it's not my fault."** {{champion:555}} "Hey, alien thing, you okay? You're just talking to yourself." {{champion:238}} **"I'm just peachy."** _**Pyke proceeds to get absolutely wrecked. The alien ninja blinks back and forth through the room. Throwing Pyke around, slashing him with his various blades. Cutting him to pieces with his shuriken.**_ {{champion:238}} _"Hey! I said not to kill him!"_ **"What? He's still got like five hp left. I didn't say I wasn't going to have a little fun."** {{champion:555}} "W-w-what are you?" {{champion:238}} **"We. Are. Zed!"** _"Teleports away."_ {{champion:238}} _"Oh my Rito, why are you so edgy?"_

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