New Star Guardian Concepts (Rakan, Taric, Xayah, Taliah, Nidalee)

New Star Guardian Concepts
Some Star Guardian designs I've made. Hope you like them.
Hello, everyone! When I saw the new skin set... i just had to make my own team. :) {{champion:497}} and {{champion:498}} : I would like them to share skin sets, I got the idea for Rakan so Xayah had to follow. Yes, they are newer champions, but this is for the next set of SG skins, which may been 1+ year depending on how well this new set sells. If they haven't received a skin by then, then they are due. {{champion:163}} : I've seen this suggested here and there and I thought it would be adorable. She only has her launch skin. {{champion:44}} : He doesn't have that many skins, only one since his rework, three otherwise. He has to have one, he is perfect for it. {{champion:76}} : Before you chew me out on her having a lot of skins; hear me out. She is the only champion that fits the theme of being able to transform into her familiar. She is an older champion. Half of her skins are recolours, and only two are 975 +, and half her skins are legacy or seasonal and not readily available. She also hasn't received a new skin in two years. She is one of leagues oldest champions and is due for a legendary.

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