The Mischievous Adventures part 392

(Later) {{champion:99}}: "THE HELL DO YOU MEAN YOU'RE MOVNG!?" {{champion:245}}: "Oww, my ears oww." {{champion:99}}: "Oh sorry, but still!!" {{champion:163}}: "And on such short notice..." {{champion:245}}: "Yeah, I know..." {{champion:81}}: "So, I'm guessing you didn't just call us just to tell us you're leaving." {{champion:245}}: "...Well it's so and so." {{champion:113}}: "So and so?" {{champion:245}}: "I did wanted to tell all about this, but to also ask if we can hang out for the day?" {{champion:99}}: "Wait really?" {{champion:245}}: "Yeah, just a day with all of us being together." {{champion:81}}: "That...sounds cheesy as hell...but I'm in." {{champion:99}}: "Me too! We're going to spend this whole last week with you Ekko!" {{champion:113}}: "Count me in too." {{champion:141}}: "Well we got nothing better to do." {{champion:81}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:245}}: "Gah!" {{champion:113}}: "And where did you come from? Also we?" {{champion:141}}: "Down the street. And yes we." {{champion:222}}: "Hiyo!" {{champion:99}}: "Oh now it makes sense, welp the more people the merrier." {{champion:163}}: "Oh! Maybe we can get Irelia to join." {{champion:81}}: "Are you sure? I thought she hated us?" {{champion:39}}: "Hate is a strong word." {{champion:81}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:245}}: "Gah!" {{champion:113}}: "Seriously, where do you come from!?" {{champion:39}}: "Up the street, we heard you talking about me and had to drop by." {{champion:99}}: "We?" {{champion:90}}: "Heyo." {{champion:122}}: "Long time no see." {{champion:96}}: "Roof!" {{champion:81}}: "Oh you two, well this is a surprise. Anyone else wants to join?" {{champion:32}}: "Hi!" {{champion:1}}: "Lux! It's been awhile!" {{champion:21}}: "Oh this looks fun, shall I join?" {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}}: "Us too?" {{champion:92}}: "I'm bored right now so why not?" {{champion:68}}: "Hey guys!" {{champion:81}}: "....I was joking..." {{champion:99}}: "Well it got more people." {{champion:163}}: "Although I feel we're missing someone..." {{champion:35}}: *Pops out of nowhere* "Ladiessss-" {{champion:99}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:113}}: *Beats down Shaco* {{champion:99}}: "Ok I guess that's everyone." {{champion:150}}: "Roof! Roof!" {{champion:96}}: "Roof!" {{champion:61}}: "Gnar wait! I know your excited hi everyone." {{champion:99}}: "Oh more-...Wait aren't you the robot modeled after Orianna?" {{champion:61}}: "Yes I am, and I overheard you about a group joining up. You don't mind if I join do you?" {{champion:99}}: "....No we don't mind, the more the merrier." {{champion:61}}: "Thank you." {{champion:163}}: "Now everyone, let's make Ekko's last week great!" {{champion:245}}: "...Hehehe, alright let's go."
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