Game mode idea: Tag

So the rules: 6 players pick a champ from a somewhat limited pool (no twisted fate, pantheon, galio, etc). It’s on a unique map kinda like the overcharge map, with vision pads everywhere. One player is randomly selected to be “it”. That player becomes Zac. All players are level 18. Each player has an automatic build like the dark star game mode. The Zac players job is to hit anyone with anything. Any player that gets tagged, dies and the Zac passive blobs come together to for a new Zac over their body, and the old Zac becomes their selected champ. Maybe a GA animation happens? There are targetable posts everywhere so champs like Jax can jump to them. Should be useable for both Braum and irelia. Good luck coding that, riot! Zac can’t be damaged, but he can be CCd, but he gets increased tenacity while in combat so he can’t be cc chained. After maybe 8 seconds he goes cc immune for 5 seconds. The game lasts 10-15 minutes. If a Zac player can’t tag anyone in 1 minute, a different player is randomly selected and it counts as the Zac player dying but not against the random player Maybe the non Zac players have vision if Zac at all times. Maybe.
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