Star Guardian 2019, the "event"

Conquest Mode: In short, a re-skinned Extraction for the Star Guardian event. Levels progress from Valoran City Park to The Forbidden Isles. Augments are called Star Power. You can only equip 3. Rift Herald is a mid-game bossfight. Last boss is Zoe, occasionally dropping out and swapping between Xayah and Rakan. ( Think Odyssey Kayn. ) Xayah can shadow clone, rapidly dropping harmless feathers with every attack used. If the real Xayah is not found within 8 seconds of this, all feathers return to her dealing MASSIVE damage. Rakan can charm with his Q, nearsighting an ally for 5 seconds. Zoe launches her squids at you whilst you battle Xayah and Rakan, drowsing over 10 seconds or instantly if hit by 3 consecutively. A portal will occasionally appear, scattering your team across the field. Example Star Powers: _Blinding Star: Lux's Binding Light instead disarms all enemies around the first unit hit for 3 seconds. Does not affect bosses._ _Starlight Barrage: Ezreal's Trueshot Barrage has 4 charges, which can all be shot independently. ( Think Jhin. )_ _Falling Thwamp: Neeko's Pop Blossom will ground / knockdown all targets on the stage for 0.75 seconds._ _Destiny: Ahri's Spirit Rush makes her untargetable and heals 75% missing health over 4 seconds. She loses multiple casts, however._ {{item:3400}} Star Tokens: Star Tokens are given out 5 per loss and 10 per win in Summoner's Rift or Conquest. Collect them to gain more Star Power. You can buy event exclusive chromas with these tokens. Spending does not decrease Star Power. 150 - Orb. 550 - EO Zoe / Neeko, Star Guardian / Corrupted chroma. 700 - Xayah / Rakan uncorrupted chroma + Mugshot icon. 1000 - Prestige Star Guardian Neeko Star Guardian Accents added to SR. Star Guardian Neeko / Zoe announcers, picked based on team side. Baron is much more green. Rift Harald is designed like the miniboss. Critters are replaced with TFT familiars. Top lane adorns a monument of SG Xayah / Rakan back to back. Bot lane adorns Neeko and Ahri back to back.
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