[Champion concept] Musa, The Music Goddess

Musa, The Music Goddess Musa acts as a mana-less duelist/assassin, using her spells in varying ways depending on your itentions. Her Amp! Stacks allow her to build up her damage, granting you the chance to choose between sudden bursts of damage to a target for quick harass or to wait a bit before unleashing a sudden burst on someone. Additionally, with each of her spells gaining special effects with Amp!, she can very quickly become a powerhouse with some surprising power. Edit: 1. Musa is a temporary name. It WILL be changed when a more suitable name is found. 2. Musa has an ego that almost rivals Draven. 3. if possible or considered, I'd love the idea of her starting match quotes being Global, as if she was about to perform for a concert. Secondary Resource: Amp! Passive: Get Amped!: Every time Musa Uses a Basic Attack, they get a stack of Amp! For 6(Level 1)/7(Level 6)/8(Level 11)/9(Level 16) seconds. At certain points, Amp! Will grant her abilities additional effects. Q: Broken Strings! Active: Musa Launches out a Guitar String in a line, dealing 70/100/130/160/190(0.45 Bonus AD) Physical Damage and charming them for 1/1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4 Seconds. If Broken Strings! Is used with more than 9 stacks of Amp! , it Taunts for the duration instead. W: Power Slide! Active: Musa Slides across the ground until she runs into a target. Upon hitting a target, she Deals 80/110/140/170/200(+0.30 AD) to all targets in a 250-unit Radius. If she has between 7 and 9 stacks, she leaves behind a trail of fire, dealing 20/30/40/50/60(+0.70 AP) Magic damage per second to those who stand on the trail. E: Make Some Noise! Active: Musa Hops a short distance, dealing 30/60/90/120/150(+0.60 AD) to everyone she passes by, and 60/100/140/180/220(+0.80 Bonus AD) Physical Damage to everyone she lands next to. After 3 stacks of Amp! , the jump increases in speed, up to 150%. R: Don’t Fight the Beat! Active: Musa Performs an epic riff, dealing 175/300/425(+0.90 Bonus AD) Physical Damage knocking back all enemies within a 475-radius back. If Musa has 12 stacks of Amp! , She knocks up enemies for 1.25 seconds and stuns for 0.75 seconds afterwards instead of knocking back. Quotes: Select: “Who’s ready to rock?!” Starting a Match: “This performance is dedicated to my number one fan!” “The Acoustics here are amazing!” “Let’s Rock on and Roll out!” Starting a Match against a team with at least 3 Pentakill Skins: “Battle of the Bands, eh?!” “You’re all about to get Ohmwrecked!” Starting a match against a full pool party team: “After party luau when we’re done!” Movement: “Gotta tune up” “Bit of exercise should help” “I’ll show them a good time” “Movin out!” “Let’s hurry it up!” Attacking: “Aww, it’s out of tune..” “Dance mortal, Dance!” “You will respect your goddess!” “This next songs a SMASH!” “Can’t you just feel the music?” “You’re payin for the damages.” At 3 stacks of Amp! : “Feeling the Rhythm..” “Ready to rock..” At 6 stacks: “Got a groove going..” “Ready to roll…” At 9 Stacks: “A little more….” “So let’s get ready….” At 12 stacks: “LET’S ROCK!” “TO ROCK AND ROLL!” Using Broken Strings! : “My strings!” “Darn thing keeps doing that..” Using Amped! Broken Strings: “It was an accident, no need to fight about it”
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