Kayn Skins: Blood Moon Kayn Candy Kayn (Make his scythe a candy cane, add a christmas hat, Rhaast would look like a reindeer and idk what shadow assassin would look like) Headhunter Kayn Yasuo Skins: Redeemed Yasuo Shyvana Skins: Elemental Shyvana (Kind of like elemental lux, but Shyvana will look like the drakes. Seems fitting for next season) Mordekeiser: Ghost Lord Mordekeiser (Mordekeiser but white armor, little ghosts flying around him, the mace is a pumpkin.) Rammus: Christmas Ornament Rammus (Literally rammus but looks like a christmas ornament rolling around the map) Teemo: Little Elf Teemo (Literally turns shrooms into presents) Blood Moon Teemo (Because lets be honest with ourselves here.....) Ornn: Santa Ornn (seems fitting, he's big, fat, has a beard, and makes things for his team) Lucian: Spirit Hunter Lucian Sona: Festive Sona (Sona but shee plays christmas melodies)
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