Spaghetti Skins Please

We all know we need it: Spaghetti Monster skin line. Spaghetti Monster Vel'Koz: He is a giant meatball eye with giant spaghetti strands for tentacles searching for the perfect specimen of Italian food. The passive would be a meatball split into thirds, growing in splendor similar to the Kai'Sa passive. His Q shoots a meatball that splits into two meatballs, with spaghetti trailing from it all. His W creates rift, but instead of to the void, we see spaghetti and tomato sauce. His E would fire either a meatball or circlet of spaghetti that would erupt on site. His ultimate would be a powerful, unstoppable stream of spaghetti, meatballs, and tomato sauce galore. Spaghetti Leviathan Aurelion Sol: A hulking dragon serpent, gliding as a mass of spaghetti noodles. Around him orbit 3 meatballs, all coated in sauce and ready to pummel enemies into culinary defeat. His Q would be a maelstrom of spaghetti, growing in size and intensity. The W would cause the orbiting meatballs to grow in power, elevating the intensity of their sauce glow and orbital range. The E would cause him to ascend to the next plane of culinary power, letting him fly over terrain as spaghetti, sauce, and meatballs whirl around him. His ultimate would unleash a powerful blast of spaghetti, sauce and meatballs, razing any lesser being in his path and knocking away any foolish enough to get too close to the apex spaghetti entity. Any other ideas should go below as well, as more members to the spaghetti legion would be appreciated.
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