Damion, hunter of realms

**Damion, hunter of realms** My Entry for the September 2018 CCOS! **Role** Jungle, Assassin/ Marksman **Damage Type** **Primary Resource** Mana **Base Attack Range** 550 **** **Bio** Damion the bounty hunter famous throughout the whole universe finds himself waking up in a foreign land one night with only his blaster and warp gadget. Unable to comprehend what lead him here he looks around this land he finds out is known as Runeterra. A world he had never been to and a world that doesn't know him. Damion tries to warp out but instead teleports him around the world of Runeterra and Damion finds out his warp gadget can only warp inside this new world known as Runeterra and not out of it. So to quench his thirst for answers on his existence in Runeterra he scours the lands searching for anyone who might have a lead on him. **** **Kit** **Passive: Bounty/Shattered Reality** **Bounty:** A bounty is placed on enemy champions and killing or assisting in their demise gives you extra bounty depending on their stats. The champion with a bounty is given true vision to Damion at all times. Allies that assist in killing the bounty get 25% of the bounty (not taken from Damion's bounty prize) -Bounties refresh immediately after the previous bounty holder dies. -Bounties are random and will change if not killed within 4 minutes. -bounties can range from 250g to 1000g **Shattered Reality** Damion can warp to allied wards instantaneously by right clicking on it and can freely attack and use abilities. However if Damion is damaged by an enemy champion he is instantly returned to his previous point. Crowd Control effects will also return Damion to his previous point but instead of having their crowd control effects take place they instead deal 25% of Damion's maximum health as additional true damage. - This can occur once every 120 seconds. - If Damion is not damaged for 30 seconds he will not return to his previous point. **Q: Displacement** **Range:** 650 **Cooldown:** 15/14/13/12/11 s **Cost:** 100 Mana Damion fires a beam from his gun, displacing a target if hit. If the beam hits then in the next 2.5 seconds clicking on an area of 650 range around Damion will displace them to target location instantly. If used on an enemy target it will deal **70/90/110/130/150 (+1 AP) Magic Damage**. If used on enemy with**_ bounty_** it will instead deal **90/120/120/150/180/210 (+1 AP) Magic Damage**. If used on an ally they will gain **5/10/15/20/25** movement speed and a shield that absorbs** 10/20/30/40/50 (+0.8 AP) damage** for 1 s. Note: Can displace wards, minions, jungle camps but not Rift Herald, Drakes or Baron. Note: Can be used while moving. **W: New Dawn** **Cooldown:** 14/13/12/11/10 s **Cost:** 60 Mana Damion cleanses himself repelling himself of all crowd control and increasing his movement speed by **60/70/80/90/100** for 3 seconds. When approaching enemy with bounty the movement speed bonus increases to **100/110/120/130/140**. Additionally Damion has his basic attacks empowered by **120/140/160/180/200 %** and abilities deal an extra **40/60/80/100/120 (+0.8 AP) Magic Damage ** for 3 seconds. Towards enemies with bounty his basic attacks and abilities deal an additional **10/20/30/40/50** true damage. **E: Deep Spectrum** **Range:** 900 **Cooldown: :** 9/8.5/8/7.5/7 s **Cost:** 50 Mana Fires a pulsating wave of spectral energy slowing all enemies caught in it by **20/25/30/35/40 %** and granting true vision for 2.5 seconds while dealing **50/100/150/200/250(+1 AP) Magic Damage**. If an enemy with a bounty is hit they are instead slowed by **70/75/80/85/90 %** and dealt **70/120/170/220/270 (+0.7 AP) Magic Damage** -Deals 200% damage to jungle camps. **R: A broken world ** **Passive: Gate** The enemy with a bounty has a circle around them at all times of 1000 range and is visible to Damion only. Right clicking anywhere in the circle will teleport Damion into the target location after a 2.5 second delay. -Enemies can see Damion appear within that 2.5 second time frame. -If Damion is damaged while warping it will cancel and put **Gate** on a 60 second cooldown. -After use of **Gate** it cannot be used for another 120 seconds. **Active: Dispersing Continuum ** Cooldown: 120/100/80 s Cost: 100 Mana Range: 2000 Fires a long range projectile of inter-dimensional energy after steadying his aim for a second dealing **250/350/450 (+2 AP) ** to a single target. Enemies with a bounty are dealt an additional **50/100/150** true damage. The shot goes through all targets towards the designated target. -This cannot be intercepted however can be dodged by the target. **** **Playing as Damion** Damion is a jungle who uses his spells to assassinate enemies. His abilities scale well with ability power so buying items such as {{item:3151}} or {{item:3089}} can devastate opponents. However Damion's specialty is devouring those with a bounty on their head. Those with a bounty are dealt additional damage and effects by Damion's abilities. Due to Damion's global true vision of an enemy with a bounty Damion can anticipate and warn his team of potential ganks and set up objectives and skirmishes. Thanks to Damion's passive which gives him extra gold for killing those with bounty if played correctly Damion can gain a huge item advantage snowballing out of control. Wards are Damion's best friend and he can warp to them to execute enemies or even go halfway across the map, behind a wall and execute a target enemy with his ultimate. Damion's Gate passive is amazing for setting up ganks or even re positioning throughout a fight. Although waiting 2.5 seconds can be hard it can be used to escape from tricky situations and used like a pseudo teleport. The combos are endless and one of my favorite ways to set up a gank with Damion is to use the gate passive to teleport behind the target flanking it, while damaging and slowing it with your deep spectrum and empowered autos from a new dawn. If they do get away however you can quickly warp to a ward and snipe them with a timely ultimate. Enemies with a bounty are never safe! **** **Appearance** Damion sort of looks like Pyke however instead flaunts bright colors of blue and white. He wears a mask to cover his face leaving only his eyes exposed. His eyes are brown but glow up a shade of deep blue when on the hunt as if ignited from the thrill. Damion wears light armor but covers it up with a custom trench coat that he can hide his dimensional blaster and all his other gadgets inside. Damion's hair is light brown with a tint of blonde but is also covered with the white hood he has under his coat. His whole body is covered hiding the many scars he had been dealt while hunting his targets. Although none have seen it since his clothing and armor cover everywhere besides his eyes.
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