A Corporate Matter Season 9 Episode 7

#A Corporate Matter **Episode: _The 2019 Summoner Sweeties Pet Show_** {{champion:16}} "Well, if there's a bright side to our building being set on fire, it's that we get a couple paid days off." {{champion:19}} "And just in time to go to the 2019 Summoner Sweeties Pet Show. Thanks again for coming with me." {{champion:16}} "No problem, I've never been to a pet show before." {{champion:19}} "This year is different than normal. We are finally going to settle it, once and for all. Cats VS Dogs, who is better. I just wish I was one of the competitors." {{champion:16}} "Well, they have to make sure the cats have a small chance. If you were competing, this competition would be over in minutes." {{champion:240}} **"WOO, COME ON, LET'S GET TO THE FIGHTING!!!"** {{champion:16}} "Korporate Kled, what are you doing here?" {{champion:240}} "What? I do fun stuff every once and a while." {{champion:16}} "Yeah, but aren't you supposed to be helping with the repairs back at the office?" {{champion:240}} "I have my best and brightest working on it. They don't need me to be there twenty-four seven." _**Meanwhile:**_ {{champion:89}} "Now, did this desk go here? Or over there?" {{champion:427}} "Hey, wasn't there a potted tree somewhere over here." {{champion:89}} "I don't remember. The fire damage is really bad here." {{champion:427}} "I'm sure we will replace everything and it will be just like it was. Or Mr. Kled is going to fire us." {{champion:89}} "I'm sure no one will notice if we are a little bit off. What about those "security upgrades" that he wanted. What do his plans say?" {{champion:427}} "I'm not sure. He said these are what he wants. But it's mostly just drawings of him fighting, squirrels?" {{champion:89}} "What? Let me see those! Those aren't squirrels, they're badgers. Or maybe weasels?" {{champion:427}} "He really seems to hate them, whatever they are. And what's with all the mushroom drawings everywhere?" {{champion:89}} "I don't know, I can't make any sense out of these drawings. We are so screwed when he gets back." _**Back at the pet show:**_ {{champion:16}} "So, who are you rooting for, the cats, or the dogs?" {{champion:240}} "Neither, I'm just here for the carnage." {{champion:16}} "Carnage?" {{champion:240}} "The cat dog war has been going on for centuries. Today is the day it finally ends. The ultimate battle to decide the winner." {{champion:19}} "No no, this is a peaceful pet show. They are showing off their talents and beauty in an individual setting. There will be no physical fighting." {{champion:240}} "You may think that, but you fill a stadium with a bunch of determined cats, dogs, and their crazed fans. And what you have there is a ticking time bomb waiting to go off." {{champion:105}} "Let me through, **LET ME THOUGH!!!**" {{champion:19}} "Something is going on over by the gate." {{champion:240}} "I'm gonna go check it out." {{champion:141}} "It okay, you don't have to do this. You will be a slave to these humans no longer." {{champion:105}} "Slave? I'm getting paid to do this." {{champion:141}} "It's horrible that they force you to do these terrible demeaning things in order to make less than minimum wage. Be brave, stand up to your abusers. You are worth just as much as the rest of us." {{champion:105}} "Kid, I get paid far more than the minimum. And I happen to like the fact that I get paid to show off for my adoring fans. And if you and your ninjas don't get out of my way, I am going to start showing off a little early." {{champion:141}} "You poor thing, so abused you don't even know that you are." {{champion:240}} **"HEY, LEAVE THE DOG ALONE!"** {{champion:84}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:84}} "Oh, hello there, rapist." {{champion:240}} "Z'Kayn, I thought I was rid of you and your Social Justice Ninjas for good." {{champion:141}} "The war goes on. Just because I was unable to help the poor women at your office doesn't mean there still isn't those in need. And I can't stand idly by while people like you abuse and enslave these poor animals." {{champion:240}} "Well, I suggest you move on. Otherwise, your ass is going to be the thing in need of help." {{champion:141}} "Ugh, always resorting to violence. Just like the child you are. Come on ninjas, let's go help elsewhere." {{champion:105}} "Thanks, the show is about to start and he was going to make me miss it." {{champion:240}} "No thanks necessary. Idiots like him need to be dealt with." {{champion:105}} "Well, I better get ready." _**A few minutes later:**_ {{champion:119}} "For centuries they have fought. But today, cats and dogs settle it once and for all. I'm your host, Obsidian Primetime Draven." {{champion:119}} "And I'm Pearl Primetime Draven." {{champion:119}} "First up, we have Corgi Corki!" {{champion:119}} "Oh my Rito Draven, that is the cutest thing I have ever seen." {{champion:119}} "I didn't know Corgis could fly, somehow that only makes them more lovable." _**One ace doggo later:**_ {{champion:119}} "Hahaha, that was spectacular. Next up, we have Meowrick!" {{champion:119}} "Is that just a guy in a catsuit?" {{champion:119}} "Well, that's just a little bit weird. But, do to our new policy, you only need to identify as a cat or dog to enter. We don't judge here. Well, except for our judges." {{champion:119}} "Hang on, he's just summoning more cats. I can't handle it, Draven!" _**One pet show later:**_ {{champion:119}} "Well, that was possibly the greatest display of pet prowess that I have ever seen." {{champion:119}} "And now we wait, our judges are deliberating on who the winner is. In the meantime, while we have all our contestants standing out there. Why not one more round of applause?" _**"Thunderous cheering!"**_ {{champion:119}} "Hang on, what's this? There's something out on the field." {{champion:119}} "It's a giant rat!" {{champion:29}} "Hey guys, I'm a little lost. Can anyone point me to the cheese factory?" {{champion:119}} "Our contestants seem to be getting a little riled up." {{champion:119}} "Well, if there's one thing cats and dogs can agree on, it's that they hate dirty rats." {{champion:119}} "Well then, this isn't going to go well." {{champion:107}} **"I'M GOING TO KILL YOU, RAT!"** {{champion:105}} "No, that is the biggest rat I've ever seen. Far too big for a cat. The kill belongs to me." _"Jumps in front of him."_ {{champion:83}} "Not if I have anything to say about it." _"Slams Fuzz Fizz in the face."_ {{champion:19}} **"HEY, YOU AREN'T ALLOWED TO DO THAT!"** _"Leaps onto the field."_ {{champion:16}} "Warwick, what are you doing!?" {{champion:76}} "The dogs are cheating and bringing more members onto the field. But we can do that too." _"Leaps onto the field."_ {{champion:29}} "I feel like I messed up." {{champion:119}} "More and more audience members are jumping onto the field. This is getting really out of hand." {{champion:119}} "I'm afraid for my life Draven, they look like they are about to kill." {{champion:119}} "I'm sure they are Draven, I'm sure they are. It looks like this war is going to be settled the old fashioned way." _**To Be Continued:**_
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