Ornn Skin Concept

A concept my friend came up with that I added to Skin concept: Uncle Ornn Ornns hammer is replaced with a beer bottle, and is dressed in jeans and a white tank top P: Rather than forging items, Ornn pulls out a small TV, and a recliner appears. Ornn sees a commercial, and picks up his phone. A delivery man (poro?) quickly appears with his “forged” item Q: Ornn smashes the ground and instead of a pillar, a beer bottle shoots up from the ground W: Ornn takes a few steps off his porch yelling "GET OFF MY LAWN" at everyone ahead of him E: The drunk Uncle Ornn recklessly stumbles forward R: Neighborhood kids run at Uncle Orin, pissing him off. He responds by yelling at them, causing them to run in the opposite direction, knocking up anyone in their way

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