[Champion Concept] Richard, the Genocidal Crab

I once thought about this champion while in the bathroom as somewhat as a joke character, but the more i thought about him the more i want him to be real. With that said, here's Richard: **Appearance:** Richard 'Krabken' Boyle is but a simple humanoid crab. He stands on two legs (which are made up of six legs bundled into two). He has the entire body of a crab as a head and huge pincers for his hands, with the right being larger than the left. He wears a trench coat and a matching hat as he speaks in mid-atlantic accent (Noir Movies style). He carries a smoking pipe to blow bubbles out of. **Lore:** Couldn't really come up with a deep in-depth lore, but let's say he's a marine biologist in Bilgewater that got betrayed by the city he works for after finding out that a huge portion of Bilgewater income comes from underground crab meat trade route! He now swears revenge on the entire city of Bilgewater, and to those who enjoys eating crabs! **Gameplay Direction:** A sort of support/jungler who can deny enemy visions and steal enemy jungle effectively (hopefully) Abilities: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Passive: Am a Friend of Crabs** Richard gains a flat 30 bonus movement speed in the river. Additionaly, Richard spawns with his ward slot filled by a unique ward. The ward is 'spy crab', and it cannot be changed to other wards. Spy crab: when placed, spy crab burrows underground and becomes untargetable indefinitely. It reveals a small area around it and jumps out when an enemy champion walks by or when a ward is placed, in which the spy crab will attack said ward or champion up to 4 times. Afterwards, the spy crab expires and returns to crabland. Spy crab can also be killed after 3 auto attacks, and can be lured out using sweeping lenses. reveal radius: 300 unit Damage to champions 10-27 + 5-10%AD True Damage based on lvl 1-13 attack speed: slow to just enough to kill a ward before turning invisible based on lvl 1-13 recharge: 45 seconds and up to 2 charges. Spawns with 1 charge. Max of 5 spy crabs on the rift at any given time. Great for denying enemy vision while also serving as a ward itself. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Q: Big Pincer** no cost 8/7.5/7/6.5/6 seconds cooldown Richard takes a huge snip at target direction, bringing all enemies in a cone to the middle line while dealing damage and slowing them briefly. Hitting a large monster or enemy champion heals Richard slightly. Range: 300 unit arc: 120 degrees Damage: 50/80/110/140/170 + 35/50/65/80/95% AD physical damage Heal amount: 6/6.5/7/7.5/8% missing health Slow Amount: 75% Slow Duration: 1 second ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **W: Incredibly High Pressure Water Jet** 50% water content per second 4 second cooldown. can only be cast when there is at least 50% water content Passive: Being in the river fills Richard's water sac by 12.5% per second. Successfully hitting his other abilities to enemy champions and large monsters instantly increase his water content by 25% per ability. Active: Richard shoots out a jet of water to the ground from his mouth, dealing magic damage to anything in between. After a 0.5 seconds delay, a geyser erupts from the target location, knocking up enemies and damaging them for the same amount. This ability deals true damage to monsters. Range: 1100 unit Damage: 40/65/90/115/140 + 20%AD + 30%AP Eruption radius: 150 unit Knockup duration: 0.75 seconds. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **E: Bubble Bath Pleasures** no cost 2 charges, 0.5 second between charges, 12/11/10/9/8 seconds to recharge Richard blows a giant floating bubble to a target direction. This bubble will detonate when hit by enemy damaging abilities, dealing magic damage around it in return. If this bubble hits an allied champion, they will be enveloped by the floating bubble, giving them bonus movement speed, ghosted, and a one-time use spell shield for the next 3 seconds before it detonates. Richard can also cast this ability on himself to immediately obtain it's effects. If the bubble is not immediately used by an ally or detonated, it will remain on the field for 6 seconds before detonating. If Richard casts any ability while inside the bubble, the bubble will detonate immediately. If an idle bubble is hit by another bubble, they both detonate but the damage is not stacked. Blow range: 550 unit Damage: 80/100/120/140/160 + 100% AP Bonus movement speed: 27/34/41/48/55% Damage Raidus : 300 unit Imagine a giant crab chasing you while inside a flying bubble. Kinda like a reverse "wormy" situation. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **R: Ultimate Crabitat** no cost 40/35/30 seconds Richard burrows underground becoming unforgettable indefinitely. He is only visible when moving, in which his head will poke out and is targetable. While underground, he can move at 25% speed, reveals the area around him, and his next attack becomes empowered, making him pop up below the target's feet, dealing extra damage and stunning them. Richard is forced to unburrow when he takes damage enough to stop recalls which can be done while he's moving or through AoE Casting R again causes him to unburrow. Unborrowing by any means dazes Richard for 0.5 seconds. Channel time: 0.5 second Reveal Radius: 550 unit even over walls Attack Range: 550 unit Extra damage: 75/150/225 + 70/85/100% AD physical damage Stun durration: 1/1.5/2 seconds This alone should give him the surprise party skin, with a party hat too little for it's head and everything
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