The Mischievous Adventures part 386

(Meanwhile) {{champion:8}}: "Argh! I can't believe I got here and going to rot with lowlifes!" {{champion:202}}: "I as well, I'm in jail with a perverted man. Disgusting!" {{champion:8}}: "Oh that's disgusting? I'm not the one who's an imposter of an dead man!" {{champion:58}}: "At least he didn't force someone." {{champion:8}}: "Shut up child beater." {{champion:58}}: "I was protecting my son!" {{champion:202}}: "By hitting him?" {{champion:58}}: "At least I didn't kill him!" {{champion:202}}: "He was already dead!" {{champion:79}}: "So you took his identy?" {{champion:8}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:58}}: "Oh you're one to talk!!" {{champion:555}}: "....I'm going die in here."
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