Project : KAYN

Prototype Kayn
Hola!, eh vuelto tal vez me recuerden como "el tipo que dibujó el skin fanmade de Proyecto Kayn" hace una semana (creo) bueno, terminé las transformaciones de Kayn,igual me tom...
now, I know Kayn is relatively new to the game, but as i was surfing i saw A skin concept made by Valkhar that Depicts Project: Kayn. You see, Project Kayn fits the whole Archetype of dark and Gloomy in a Cyberpunk Dystopia, the narrative could be something like how he is the very First to Rebel against the Machine ; how he is Locked in an eternal Fight with the Directive known as RHAAST and his Forms Shift Based on whether the Directive wipes out his personality or he emerges Victorious and in Control of his cybernetic body Just something i wanted to share, could be a Very nice Legendary skin. I really hope a RED sees this, maybe we can get someone to pitch it to the Skin development team EDIT : as Pumping Iron showed : here are the 2 other forms made by the same artist (once again, it's not me, check his Deviant art account by click the link) [(]

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