[Item Suggestion] Silence

Hello, what about an item with a single target silence to stop spell spammers in their rotations or catch the stupidly mobile enemy from fleeing? No need to make it last long, maybe 2-3 seconds; 45-60 seconds cooldown. Add some AP / Health / Mana; medium cost around 2-2.5k gold. Example buildup could be: Ruby Crystal {{item:1028}} (400), 2x Faery Charm {{item:1004}} (2x125), Fiendish Codex {{item:3108}} (900) + 700 gold recipe = 2250 gold Stats would be 200 Health 50% Base Mana Regen (maybe more since it's a final item) 50 AP (again maybe a bit more) 10% CDR (kinda hate the fact that like half the AP items have CDR - so maybe instead an Aether Wisp {{item:3113}} with some MS?) Actice: Single-Target Silence Too strong? I thought this could be a nice addition for utility supports - stats to survive for a split second longer, and mana for sustain. AP to make it not just a useless item
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