Kayle Alt. Rework. ( If not bonded to previous playstyle. )

Passive: Divine Judgement Every takedown Kayle scores, all participating allies gain a 10 + 5% - 35% (based on level) missing health shield for 7 seconds. Additional takedowns refresh the duration, but give only a 50% bonus. _Kayle does not gain assists from shielding with this passive, as otherwise it would chain indefinitely._ Q: Starblade Kayle strikes in a cone for physical damage 3 times, and in a pin-point circle for magic damage once. Each strike deals 100% Base AD, 20% Bonus AD, and 15% AP, applying on-hit effects each strike. The pin-point deals 50% Total AD, 100% AP magic damage and silences the target for 2 seconds. This applies spell effects and marks them "Guilty." W: Celestial Will - ( 30 sec cooldown all levels. ) Heal an ally, and remove any crowd control effects on them. If a crowd control effect is removed, that ally's next damaging move within 4 seconds deals 10/20/30/40/50 bonus magic damage. E: Judgement - 5 second static cooldown Passive: Against "Guilty" enemy champions, Kayle gains 450 range and ignores 15% of their resistances. When an ally strikes a "Guilty" enemy champion and Kayle attacks there after, they are disarmed for 0.25 seconds. Active: Your next three attacks deal 1/2/3/4/5% missing health magic damage. R: Capital Punishment Kayle raises an enemy champion and herself into the air, untargetable by those below; for 5 seconds. The target cannot move, but can still cast and attack. During this time, Kayle is restricted to melee; but gains 200 range on attacks. If the target is killed in Capital Punishment, Kayle remains untargetable for 5 additional seconds after descending.
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