Little Demon Tristana looks nothing like the concept art

The concept art is the main reason people picked her over other skins She doesn't have the eyes like on the concept art and her hair is also not as wide Can that possibly be fixed while it's on the PBE because it would suck if it was released in it's current state Below are the concept arts and at the end, there is the current model:[/img][/img][/img][/img] As you can see, the model doesnt give off the same vibes the concept does, and it doesn't look the same either The visual effects are good I guess but the base model needs work I wouldn't be upset if it was a champion with a smaller head But since it is a yordle, which has a lot of facial animations, and the face is easily visible while in game, this started bothering me. Riot, please fix it if you can while there is still time PS: This post section/category seemed fitting for this post so that's why I didn't post it on general discussion

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