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Hi all, I posted this on Story,Art and sound and was told to come here and post it. I thought of a story but haven't dug to deep into the lore to make it much better. Anyways here is what I thought up, Please feel free to comment and give feedback. Would love to know what you all think. "Do you know one of the best ways to defeat your enemy is? It's a simple one to strike fast and hard. Any small time soldier can see those miles away. But what makes it so effective is you strike and strike their communications and way of retreat. A silent strike or siege, whatever it may be. By blocking there communication for help. Now that we have men behind their lines we can strike knowing they have no chance of escape. From what I hear the small squad lead by a master of the shadow's, Talon. His reputation lives up to his skills." I said to no one in particular. The soldiers around either paid little or no attention at all to what I had to say. We are seconds away from assaulting the outpost of Demacia. The hero there stationed at the outpost. He is a huge colossuses golem known as Galio guards this bridge to Demacia. "Men, we are about to free these people from the evil tyrant who rules over Demacia with a iron fist. General Kled. Prepare to charge." The soldier shouted. He wields a huge axe, his red cape drifting to the side with the wind. Darius. The soldier Darius called upon to charge, Kled. He is a small creature. I want to call him a Yordle but I am unsure. He rode a large lizard creature. The horns sounded and they charged. My palms began to sweat in my gloves. I gripped my spear tightly with both hands as I stood there. Watching. Knowing in a few seconds many men will die. Kled lead the charge head on. His weapon in one hand, a sharp curve like sword. In the other he held a small gun. He was smiling. The calvary hit the enemy front lines hard. Kled shot his pistol hitting a soldier square in the chest. Caving in his armor putting him down. The other soldiers near there fallen comrade reacted to slow to close opening. Kled swung his sword savagely side to side. Each blow no doubt a killing blow. Soldiers fell to him. His companion charging head on without stopping. Its head tilting down, ramming enemy soldiers head on. "PLAYER, get ready!" A voice called out to me. It was Maximus. A person I befriended with. I shook my head from the scene that was happened before us and payed attention to what was happening in front of me. Darius called for us to charge. My heart pounding as I look to Maximus, his face showed the same expression mine was. Fear, excitement and adrenaline We moved, I ran as if my body had a of its own. Without thinking I was running with the rest of the soldiers. Darius led the infantry charge. He grabbed his axe as we approached closer to the enemy front lines. Kled and the calvary manage to break the first line of defense and were headed to the second line. The calvary looked strong, barley losing any men. Darius raised his axe and stuck down in a sweeping motion. Two of the enemy soldiers were cut clean in half, the other two manage to survive the blow, barley. One lost his arm, the other both his left hand and leg. Darius smiled as he swung again. Maximus looked to me. I turned to acknowledge him. He knodde, and I did so back as well. I raised my shield and we made impact with the enemy's front line. The force almost knocked the wind out of me as we collided. Shield upon shield. It was like running into a brick wall with a pillow in front of you. Running full speed at it. What made it worst the soldiers behind slammed into the person in front of them. So it was double pain. It nearly knocked my unconscious. I thrusted my spear forward. I heard and felt the hard thud of a my spear hitting a solid oak with reinforced metal on it. I pulled back and thrusted again. This time my spear founds its target. The spear first made a hard impact then pushed right through. Like how you push your finger into a the plastic of a 24 pack of water bottles. How your finger pulls the plastic downward right before the pop. That's what my spear did to the soldier in front of me. I shouted a war cry in triumph and kept pushing onward. The fight was going well. Kled manage to hit the 2nd enemy lines and began his assault. The enemy soldiers in the front line began to retreat back to 2nd line. What made it scary was Kled was up there already, If the enemy runs up from behind them in a retreat they can easily gian moral by surrounding and kill Kled and the calvary. I pushed hard and began to chase the soldiers who were retreating. I dd want to lose, for use to lose to that tyrant ruler of Demacia. That's when the ground shook. Up Ahead where Kled and his where A giant white golem emerged. He was taller than 15 feet. His huge wings opened as he flew up then landed hard at Kleds location. The impact threw up dust. It manage to even reach us, throwing dirt in our faces. Galio swung hitting a group of soldiers, the ground shook as again as his hands hit the ground. A span of 8 feet in a circle on the ground erupted. Men flew wildly flying into allies and enemy alike. He then flapped his wings in front of him. Two disk made of solid air, zipped out forward in an angle. When the two collided with each other it made a thunderous explosion. The windlike blades bloomed into a mini storm. The wind going nearly 200-300 mph. Cutting and piercing the armor of fellow soldiers. Kled sounded his horn. The calvary begin to retreat. Darius kept pushing, hacking and slashing his way through. Leaving an opening for us soldiers to push in and fill in the open space. We pushed deeper and deeper into the enemies line of defense. My hands and feet began to ache as I thrusted my spear and raised my other hand to block incoming blows. That's when it got dark, and not in a sense of evil. I mean dark as if it fell to night so quickly. I looked up to realize it was not a cloud but Galio. He stood ten feet from us. Darius smiling, his axe clutched on his right hand. His hand stretched out behind him ready to pull his his axe in a downward motion. Galio smiled at this with an approval nod. He swung at Darius but the golem missed. Darius was in the air, his axe above him as he swung downwards. A crack echoed onto the battlefield. A crack was made in the air around Galio. It began to darken into an orange like sphere. Darius axe was imbedded in the sphere unable to pull it out. he jumped back onto the ground near us and watched. The shield broke. Galio looked amazed that it happend to break. Then what happened next is something I cannot describe but I will try. A blade landed in front of Darius. He simply smiled. In a blink of an eye a women stood where the blade was. She had it in her hand. A dark mist dissipating around her. "I'll take it from here." She said as she threw her blade at Galio. It stuck to this left shoulder. Again she was there in milliseconds. She jumped back throwing multiple blades at Galio. When she landed she had about five, maybe six on each hand. She spun quickly she became a blur. With her speed the velocity of the blade impacting Galio intensified. They began to flew through him and out the other end. She stopped almost losing her balance as she breathed heavily. Galio fell back hitting the ground hard. Crushing a few of his men and ours. The giant stone creature began to chip, then crumble rabidly. She smiled at Darius who was at the time retrieving his axe. "I told you I had it." She said cheerfully. "You should pay attention to your surroundings more Katarina." A figure wearing a purple coated armor with a hoodie. Blades along the edge and shoulder of his coat stuck out. "Talon, what are you doing here?" She said annoyingly. He simply shrugged. "My men took care of the people trying to retreat. they didn't need me there so I thought why let you all have the fun." He said mockinly to Katarina. "Where to now?" She asked. Darius walked back to where they stood. "We move on to the next target till we rid of Demica from this plain. "
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