Game mode suggestion: Tag battle arena deathmatch

First off this is a bit jumbled, as it's actually the rough draft of a cancelled video I was working on. so uhh.. yeah Concept: Bringing a Free for all ‘tag team’ battle arena and objective styled game mode The setting: Alternate universe Draven and Jhin are Co-hosting the grandest spectacle in all of runeterra, expertly capturing various champions and forcing them to pair up in groups of two to fight for their freedom and survival. The arena will harken Noxian aesthetic over a roman gladiatorial arena with a few objectives in it. Alternatively; this could be a defacto proxy for the old lore, in which everyone participating is there to settle an international dispute G-Gundam style. Objectives will exist to incentivize non-duelists strategies. These will range from creep camps, to alters, and health/mana regen ‘king of the hill’ shrines. Players vye to be the best in this game mode, through unique builds, champion mastery, and ability to work as solo players. Summoner spells will be replaced with two new abilities. ‘Tag” will be a 23 second cooldown at level 1 down to a 6 second cooldown at level 18, this ability allows you to swap between your two chosen champions. You will share various attributes across champions Including runes, averaged base stats, and resource pools (Health, mana, energy) Stats such as max mana or max health will total at the average of the two champions at all times. all item stats will be set to dual adaptive-average status. This will include AD vs AP, MR vsArmor, Magic pen vs lethality, and %magic pen to % armor pen. This will ensure that no two champs will be a non-viable combo. Each stat will provide the adaptive equivalent of itself to both champions. In cases where an ability is double scaling, such as Sivir’s Q. Abilities will take the higher total of the two stats so not to be totally busted. Self casting counts as casting on an ally, and affects both champions, thus allowing for items like ardent censor to take effect. Redundant unique passives, such as Phage, or GA, will not stack, items with shared cooldowns will share across champions. ‘Synergy’: will be an ability that generates one charge every 20 seconds, allowing the use of a single ability or item slot on the other champions. , it holds a max of 3 charges each at a 4 second cooldown. Abilities used this way go on cooldown as normal. Passives stack, except where they would contradict, at which point the champion you’re currently playing decides. Example would be jhin and graves, while graves is tagged in the jhin passive wont exist until jhin is tagged in. That being said, other passives will stack such as sivir’s movement speed on damage effect. Or someone who’s super spicey could play as teemo and miss fortune and the movement speed passives would stack. To win: get X points through kills or holding objectives. Points can be lost on death based on your streak, an additional point per kill. “But some things will be broken”: Actually it’s more likely that many, many things will be broken, and relatively few combos will not be broken. How it would work: You get to the chose mode screen, chose Arena. FFA, teams of 2, teams of 3, or teams of 4 will all be auto selected based on your lobby size, if you have a 4 man then you’ll be put into a match with two other teams of 4, a 3 mean will be against three other teams, 2 man goes against 6 teams, and solo players go FFA. When you het into your arena lobby before entering matchmaking you can chose one champion to play as so that you have a single assured champion. Once you get into pregame every opponent can see your champ and there is a 1 ban per player phase. Everyone takes turns selecting their secondary champs. Yes this means you’ll fight a lot of yasuos, but it also means you can strategically deny popular combos. Mirror matches will not occur ever… so take solace in knowing that those yasuo’s have 45 minute wait timers. Shopping and respawns: Similar to ascension the respawn points will be blocked off from griefing, instead of ascension teleport pads there will be launch cannons to make the action go faster. There will be no death timer. there will be a shop at these points. In addition there will be three shops on the map that are contestable. The faster you move the better this works. Buff camps: Double buff camp: Can be solo’d will take time, Manifests as a rift herald. Will grant Nexus Blitz version of blue buff as well as normal red buff AND some omnivamp. Baragon’maw: Can’t be solo’d, offers one of each dragon buff, as well as baron and vilemaw buffs… respawns every minute (YUP). the idea is people fight over this. An Ascended ‘boss’: Pick a doom bot, or xerath from ascension, or kayn from odyssee. Etc. Killing this boss basically makes you go urf mode.. But it’s a raid boss so good luck. Gold: Everyone gains gold at the same rate, even if they run klepto or get kills. This is to elimate the issue of ‘fed as fuck’, while also encouraging big ol’ fights at the shops at about similar times. Stacks: Stacking champions such as nasus will gain stacks based on time. This includes Thresh, Sion, Veigar, nasus, cho’gath, as well as those who use the grasp of the undying or overgrowth runes. Each champ and rune will have a different rate based on what makes sense. Dark harvest will not gain stacks like this. Burst and CC chaining: Burst champs will have to effectively get through two champs worth of HP, CC champs will have their CC effectiveness reduced. Jungle items: These will be buyable, and you can activate the jungle item instead of smiting. MUTATIONS: Alternate ideas. Everyone has 5 points at the start. When you die you lose 20% of your points (minimum of 1) and the people who killed you get those points evenly distributed (so if two people got assists and one guy got the kill those points are split 3 ways with the larger part of the difference going to the Killing blow), losing all points means you’re out of the game. First to 60 points wins. Team versions have shared points, these matches go quicker. Attach champs: Taric, Yuumi, And orianna will be considered ‘attached’ while inactive Nemesis draft for secondary champ: You pick your primary champ, your secondary is picked by a rival, no bans allowed. Bloodmoon ghosts and ascension cap points determine points gained and lost, noone gets thrown out for losing all points, highest points at the end of the time limit wins. Broken combos? Yeah there’s already a lot in here to try to push back broken combos, but as I hope for this to be a permanent game mode, synergies can be toned down on the fly. But in general some of the most rediculous things you can imagine would actually be the status quo so… meh

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