Another Zyra skin idea

Hello it's Spiriteon!, i have read the comments and for this Skin my concept was christmas theme'd with zyra's Vines being christmas lights!, keep in mind i use microsoft paint to draw and i'm only good at drawing people not like any specific thing like the plants and etc i understand why you guys didnt like the colors for the other skin i just colored it in and i thought it looked nice all together but i hope you guys like this one better! , i appriciate all the words you guys said as for the up voting i don't own any bots it's just champions like Zyra,Illaoi,Rek'sai,Skarner,Xerath and other amazing left out champs are in desperate need of a skin i just personally really love Zyra so i make skins in my head i don't think of anything i just draw what's in my mind which is why the other zyra is like having blades all over her which i was thinking of a crystal blade zyra or like crystal knight zyra , let's be honest a lot of your fav champs deserve a shiny new skin at least those who haven't gotten one over some time now. i wish you all a Merry Christmas to all the amazing Summoners that keep my favorite game alive!! {{champion:143}}

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