Incrin, The Lanre Whisperer

TL;DR (which kinda defeats the purpose as this champion is about the lore which has to be text but) This champion concept is focused on the lore. Incrin is a champion specializing in extreme zone control like Heimerdinger. Incrin is a merchant from Noxus who values family above all else. He went on a trade route, became bound to the Lanre (bee, hive like creatures), and returned home to find his family gone. He now searches for his family using the power of the Lanre. ACTUAL POST STARTS HERE So a bit about this guy before we get into it. I didn't put a whole lot of thought into the power budget of Incrin's kit because it just really didn't interest me. I focused on the narration and the characterization of Incrin. So if you're looking for an awesome kit you probably aren't going to find it. If you want a good story ,however, with faction references, fleshed out lore and color text, as well as quotes for the champion, you came to the right place. So lets get started. Let me know what you think! Role: Ap Mid Laner Overall Kit Theme: Incrin is all about stacking that damage over time to increase his damage. Utilizing his passive is key to his play. Incin isn't about bursting down his opponents but applying so much damage over time that sees their health bar draining and knows there is nothing they can do about it. This makes Incrin more of a tank killer than a squishy burster. Kit Passive: Legion Effect. Damage over time effects last for Incrin's abilities stack. Hitting an enemy refreshes the damage over time as well as increases its effect. Q: Drove Destruction. Incin fires a spear of Lanre which damages enemies as it strikes them as well as applying a damage over time effect. Low cool down ability. Approximate power budget: 30%%. Main damage tool. W: Swarm Wall. Incrin creates a wall of Lanre which stops basic attacks but not abilities for 2 seconds. Enemies which pass through the wall during the first half of the duration are slowed while enemies who pass through it during the second portion are slowed and suffer a damage over time effect. E: Hive Expansion. Incrin creates an area of effect around him which grows as long as the ability is activated. Consumes increasing amounts of mana and deals a small amount of damage over time. When the ability is reactivated, enemies caught within are stunned for .75 seconds. Ultimate: Lanre Awakening. The Lanre temporarily allow Incrin their full potential. Incrin creates a huge area which deals damage over time (huge. Like the etire middle of mid lane). Quotes: Selection: I will sacrifice everything for my family! Movement: With the swarm I would exchange my tomorrow. For theirs. Compared to my usual routes, this is nothing I will find them No road is too long Just another step I miss my family I will find you soon Attacking: You think you will stop me? Hurting my family will mean your death No one harms my family and lives! The Lanre will tear you appart Death would be too kind You brought this on yourself Upon using Drove Destruction: The swarm comes For my family! Make the suffer! Upon using Swarm Protection: To me! No harm shall befall you Stop their attack! Upon using Hive Expansion: Blacken the sky! No one shall escape You can’t run Upon using Lanre Awakening (female voice of the Lanre themselves): We are yours, Incrin We feel your suffering Your pain is our pain For you, Incrin Joke: *Lanre pick Incrin off the ground Sometimes they just do what they want Down girl! Taunts: You can’t stop a swarm I will trade your life for my family Taunting an enemy Leblanc: I know the truth Leblanc! The swarm will tear you apart for taking my family from me! Taunting an enemy Darius: Complacency, ignorance or not, is guilt Taunting an enemy Swain: I hope taking them was worth it Swain! Your position will cost you your life! Taunting an enemy Draven: I don’t believe your mind would put up much of a fight Taunting an enemy Katarina: Would you like to know what happened to your father child? Taunting an enemy Talon: I could help you in your search, Talon General Lore Family man. That was how most people would describe Incrin. Unlike most traders from Noxus, Incrin prized his family higher than any amount of gold he could earn from his trade. Every time he left the walls of Noxus, Incrin would hire additional guards to protect his family to put his mind at ease. Incin left on an unusually far but profitable trade expedition to the jungle of Kumunga where colonization attempts were progressing. He hired his guards for the amount of time he would be gone and set off. The trip was long and uneventful. Incrin knew how to plan these expeditions. But the jungle of Kumunga was new territory for the experienced trader and it was anyone’s guess what would happen once they crossed that threshold. Incrin’s caravan marched on. And then it happened. Beast appeared, never seen by Incrin before, attacking the caravan. Snarling blood lust which, unlike the bandits, could not be reasoned with. As Incrin ran from the carnage, he felt the beasts claw and darkness overtook him. Incrin awoke to a strange figure tending his wounds. Once he could move the figure dissipated. He made his way to the city of Kumunga and arranged for passageway home. On his way back to Noxus, Incrin was attacked by bandits. However, the figure appeared and urged him to fight. He did so, unleashing the power of his mysterious companion. Incrin killed every bandit who tried to take his life. No one would stop him from returning. When Incrin returned, his family was gone. The house was in ruins and his family was nowhere to be found. Now Incrin searches for his family with the help of this new power and will stop at nothing to find them. Color Text The guard woke up with a start. He looked around, confusion and panic written on his face. He struggled against the shackles holding him to his chair. “You can struggle if you would like but those bonds won’t come off,” a voice said from behind the guard. He attempted to turn around but his captor eluded his vision. “Here, let me get that for you,” the voice said. Suddenly the guard’s restraints seemed to melt off. He got up from hair chair and turned around. His mysterious host was robed in a typical merchant’s atire, the hood used for their travels covering his face. “Perhaps you think you can out fight me,” the guard said, sizing up his opponent, “but you’re going to realize you’re wrong.” His captor was slightly smaller than him. The guard charged. Suddenly a wave of white erupted from beneath the merchant’s cloak. It surged forward, covering the guard, forcing him back into the chair. It was impossible to fight. The merchant stood there with intent in his eyes. The guard was deposited in the chair by the numerous white creatures. They began to recede but his bonds formed again. He realized that whatever those things were, they were keeping him to the chair. “The Lanre are truly fascinating creatures,” the merchant said as they continued to return to beneath his robe. “Picked them up in the jungles of Kumunga.” “What do you want with me?” The guard asked. He wasn’t used to not being in control of the situation. “The Lanre,” the merchant continued, “are a collective conscious of creatures that look like flower petals. They kinda behave like bees, just buzzing around in a little swarm. They’re essentially immortal or so they tell me.” The merchant continued to pace around the guard. “The only thing they need to live is a steady supply of thought. Interesting isn’t it? They are symbiotic in nature, bonding to an animal in order to feed themselves. When their host dies, they find another.” “What does this have to do with me?!” the guard screamed out. The Lanre creatures covered his mouth. “I wasn’t through speaking,” the merchant said darkly. “Anyway, I won’t bore you with the details but sentient creatures are the only ones who can actually command them. In fact, they thrive on it. They’re essentially an extension of myself.” The merchant removed the Lanre muffling the guards whimpers. “Now what was your question again?” “What do you want with me?” the guard said numbly. “Ah yes the golden question concerning you,” the merchant said with a skip. “I acquired these wonderful little creatures in the jungles Kumunga. As you can probably tell by my clothing I am a merchant. My caravan was attacked and I barely made it out alive. The little Lanre here bandaged my wound with their own bodies and I lived on.” The merchant said, stroking some of the Lanre affectionately like a pet. “I came home from my little misadventure and do you know what I found?” The merchant’s demeanor changed. “I found the home you were supposed to guard until my return destroyed and my family gone.” He said coldly. “The guards eyes widened. “Incrin!” the guard whispered, “it’s you?” “Yes it is me,” Incrin said. “And so I want to know. Where. Is. My family.” “I don’t know!” the guard exclaimed. “You were supposed to protect them!” Incrin yelled, the Lanre around the guards wrist getting tighter. “Where are they!” “If I tell you they’ll kill me!” the guard said, beginning to sob. Incrin looked at the man. “Well you are going to tell me whether you want to or not,” Incrin said, coating his hand in Lanre. “The Lanre, since they already have their own ability to build bridges between consciousness, can temporarily allow access to yours.” The guard whimpered from his chair. “Have you ever felt another mind invade your own? You’re about to.” Incrin said. He grabbed the guards head. “FORFEIT YOUR MIND!” Incrin’s voice as well as another female voice called out inside the guards head. He screamed. The guard woke up. His shackles had been removed. Incrin prepared himself to leave. “Thank you for your information,” Incrin said. “You can’t fight them,” the guard said. “They’re going to kill you and then, once they learn you found out through me, they’re going to kill me too!” Incrin chuckled “They’re not going to kill you,” he said. The Lanre burst from underneath Incrin’s cloak and impaled the guard. “I am,” Incrin said. He opened the door to his next target. The Black Rose would suffer for taking Incrin’s family from him. If you read all of it I sincerely thank you. Leave a comment, upvote, downvote! It means a lot to me and again thanks for reading.[](
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