Soul Link - Item Bonding Gamemode

A great day on Summoner's Rift. You load in as Lux, your most played loveable champion who you metaslave and hold dearly to your heart. And you end up having +8 Attack Damage and some lifesteal before you even bought any items. This is Soul Link. Soul Link is a RGM which focuses on one thing, the items. You will randomly be given the same passives and stats from items a certain enemy has. So if Enemy Jinx builds {{item:3085}}, and Ally Lux builds {{item:3285}}; both have {{item:3085}} {{item:3285}}. Again, you will not be told who you're bonded to; so it'll be quite far into midgame ( unless you're Viktor ) before you notice Zed has Titanic Hydra passive and GP has Duskblade's Blackout. This also effectively means together with you and an enemy, you have 12 item slots. So when that Ornn ult does way more damage than you expected, he might be bonded with Veigar. Happy Hunting!
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