Remaking SONA

{{champion:37}} Hi.. i'm George .. Mainly a support player and jungler.. Mastery 6 of Sona .. - Sona has a nice special abilites of support .. Q for enhacing allied damage .. W for Healing an sheilding .. E for movment speed buff .. R for stun and ability power damage .. - BUT On the short term of the game she start with really very low health and mana and really like NO ARMOR that prevents her from getting into the lane closer to any enemy or even closer to her allie to support his movment or attaacks or heal .. morgana can beat her easly with Q .. blitzcrank once he catch her with Q in level 1 she is DIED in maybe 3 seonds or 4 .. trying to Poke the enemy to get more gold depends only on the adc if he/she really controles the lane and can protect her pokes or not .. if she can't poke >no gold> no items> bad support feedback from ADC . - on the long term she can cary the whole team fight and heal and sheild the team very nice .. but once she is cought by someone in fight her movment speed even with boots is very low to run .. you can't save yourself .. you are Died. Nice feed sona .. worest supp .. report bot lane supp .. sentences like that is written . you can't convence any adc that you will choose her for a ranked game .. she easly dies and feed .. even if you are good with support .. you just die every time you try to support the allie. __________________________________________________________ **Classic skin REMAKE** sona has become very very Old .. and her Classic skin still the same with no enhancment . She doesn't have any CHARACHTER SOUNDS !!! she laughts with creepy harp music. she changes colors only and looking very strange with this flying robe.
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