Horrible surveys and riot succumbing to skins for champions that will only make them more money.

I feel like riot surveys are absolutely horrendous and hardly ask anything important to the game but rather what's important to riot for making more money. I think riot has started to sell out for money money and started making more skins for champions that are popular or OP for the purpose of making more money rather than appealing the player fan base. Although most of leagues player-base is ranked at a relatively low elo, I think riot should make patches based on high-elo players and games to encourage better game play and improvement in players rather than succumbing to the struggles of low-elo players who, in general, don't understand the game or how to play it. I myself can hardly be considered a high-elo player being only Platinum 3 currently as of last season, but I think riot does too much to appeal to the majority rather than those who actually invest time and money into the game and actually work on improving their skill (keep in mind that money does not actually help towards improving skill in the game). This company seems to sell out in every way to make money. They make champions for roles that are most played rather than trying to keep an even balance, they make skins for champions that are played the most rather than try to keep an even balance, and the meta of the game as no or hardly any impact of the state of what's being sold in the game. I don't want to talk to much about the actual changed to the game as I am not a super high-elo player and can't give as much feedback as other players, but Elder dragon is stupid broken at all elos in my own opinion. 20% of someone's health might be significantly different than another player's, so it makes it unfair that champion who has a 20% health bar of 1000 gets immediately executed when a champion of 300 hp at 20% get executed at the same time. I personally have a lot of problems with the game and how it is currently being formed for season 10, but I won't say anymore because I feel I have no place to do so as I'm not Master or higher and can't say I understand the game to the same degree as them.
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