A Full Concept Surrounding Summoner Spells

*** **Hi there!** **About The Post** So as the title suggests, this is purely a concept surrounding the current summoner spells and perhaps a new take on how the summoner spells can be changed to allow for a more compelling gameplay. Summoner spells are often referred to as one of the key features that set League of Legends apart from other MOBA games. The summoner spells currently in place have received small changes over the seasons, with some spells such as Fortify and Revive being removed as it was very difficult to balance such spells. What has consistently been in constant change, however, is how Riot approached the summoner spell Smite. Smite is arguably a very role-specific summoner spell that Junglers often take to allow them control over objective points such as Dragon and Baron. This spell has seem different takes over the last 3 seasons in particular, where Riot implemented *Smite-specific Items* for champions taking the summoner spell. These items not only change the nature of smite, but also changed how Junglers saw smite as more than just a monster-slaying tool. *** **What's The Idea?** There were two ideas that I thought of to bring summoner spells to life, and allowing for a more specialised-gameplay. The first was to expand onto what Riot did with smite and create summoner spells that revolved around role-specific concepts. The second idea was to take pre-existing summoner spells and either do a mixture of two things: Implement the summoner spells into role-specific summoner spells, or to separate these pre-existing summoner spells into a separate category. This could create a possibility where your First Summoner Spell Hotkey ("D" by default) would be for Role-Specific Summoner Spells, some of which I might draw concepts for below. The Second Summoner Spell Hotkey ("F" by default) would be General Summoner Spells, which any role can pick. Some example of General Summoner Spells perhaps could be pre-existing summoner spells such as Flash and Ghost. *** **Role Specific Summoner Spells:** *(These are just concepts and are bound to be unbalanced, but the general idea is still there)* **{{item:3035}} Marksman:** * Beserker's Wrath: You heal yourself for *X* amount instantly and one nearby ally for half that amount. You then gain *Y%* attack speed for 3 seconds after. This increased attack speed can temporarily transcend the attack speed cap. * Hunter's Quarry: You shield yourself for *X* amount, and then for 3 seconds gain *Y%* on-hit movement speed that decays over 1.5 seconds. * Poacher's Mark: You stealth yourself for 1.5 seconds. After exiting stealth, your next hit within 2 seconds will be guaranteed to critically strike and heal you for *Z* health. **{{item:3285}} Mage:** * Arcanic Overload: Your next offensive spell will critically strike for *X%* bonus damage. * Essence Thief: For the next 3 seconds, you gain *X%* spell vampirism and gain 5% of your resource bar back every time you deal damage to an enemy champion (Maximum 25%). * Projected Power: You gain a shield that is equal to *X%* of your ability power. **{{item:3800}} Tank:** * Steadfast Presence: You take all negative crowd control effects on allies within *X* range and apply them to yourself. * Biding Strength: Over the next 3 seconds, you reduce damage taken by *X%* and store it. At the end of the timer, you are healed for 100% of the stored damage. * Indomitable Force: You slow all enemy champions within *X* range by *Y%* for 2.5 seconds, and gain *Z* shielding for every enemy champion slowed. **{{item:3107}} Support:** * Exhausted Effort: You target a single enemy champion. That champion moves and attacks *X%* slower for *Y* seconds, and has a positive effect removed from them. * Re-Energisation: You and a targeted allied champion move *X%* faster for *Y* seconds. Removes slows, snares, stuns, roots, fears, and silences upon use for the target. * Vitality: You heal a targeted allied champion for *X* health and increase their armour and magic resist by *Y* amount. **{{item:3071}} Fighter:** * Spellbreaker: For the next 6 second you get the *Spellbreaker* buff. Your spells increases your attack speed by *X%* (stacking up to 3 times) and your basic attacks increases your spell damage by *Y%* (stacking up to 5 times). * Defensive Stance: You gain *X* armour and magic resist for 4 seconds and increases incoming healing effects by *Y%*. * Blood-Induced Rage: You gain *X* attack damage and ability power for 5 seconds and grants *Y* on-hit movement speed that decays over 1.5 seconds. Kills upon enemy champions increases the duration by a further 3 seconds. **{{item:3147}} Assassin:** * Nightshade Blade: Your next 3 auto attacks within 6 seconds will poison the target, dealing *XX - XY* true damage over 3 seconds based on the target's missing health. The poison's damage can stack, but has reduced effectiveness after the first strike on the same target. * Relentless Killer: You dash to the last enemy champion struck with an ability or an auto attack by you, as long as they are within *X* range of you. * Assassination: You target an enemy champion for 5 seconds. You gain *X%* increased movement speed, *Y%* tenacity, and *Z%* slow resistance while moving towards the target. *** **General Summoner Spells:** * {{summoner:4}} Flash: Blink *X* distance towards the cursor. * {{summoner:6}} Ghost: Gain *X%* movement speed for *Y* seconds. This movement speed ramps up over the first *Z* seconds to it's maximum value. * {{summoner:1}} Cleanse: Remove all crowd control effects instantly and gain *X* movement speed and *Y* slow resistance for 2 seconds. * {{summoner:11}} Smite: Deal *X* true damage to a large or epic monster, healing you for *Y* amount and granting you *Z* movement speed briefly. *** **Anything Else?** These Role-Specific Summoner Spells can be decided one of two ways. The first is to do what Riot did to smite and create Role-Specific items that upgrade the summoner spells. For example, the Heal summoner spell can be upgraded for Marksmen into any of the Role-Specific Summoner Spells shown above. The other option would be to allow summoners to pick these role-specific summoner spells at the champion selection like they would with the General Summoner Spells. **These ideas are not set in stone and are just placeholders for the main theme of allowing Role-Specific Summoner Spells to become a change to the regular summoner spells. The concepts for the particular Role-Specific Summoner Spells were also done without taking into account current runes, masteries, and mastery keystones. Any ideas or feedback would be awesome to hear!**
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