Legends of Runeterra: Card Concepts

Like many other people, I started playing Legends of Runeterra recently. And I just felt like making a thread where people can post their concepts for new cards and having a place to discuss these designs with others. Maybe it will inspire a Rioter for the next expansion? _____________________ My own ideas so far (will probably keep updating if I come up with more), they are for the Piltover/Zaun deck: **Warwick** Cost: 5 4/3 Regeneration Gains +2/+2 when fighting wounded enemies. Level Up: Warwick killed 3 wounded enemies. 5/4 Warwick doubles his attack and defense when fighting wounded enemies. Warwick Spell: Warwick‘s Fang‘s of the Beast Cost: 2 Deal 2 damage to an enemy unit. Heal an own enemy unit by 2. Shuffle a Warwick into your deck. **Singed** Cost: 6 1/6 At the start of each round, summon 1 Caustic Cask. Caustic Casks summoned with Singed on the field don‘t damage your own Nexus anymore. Level Up: Singed saw 5 Caustic Casks damaging the enemy Nexus. 2/8 Caustic Casks now also deal 1 damage to all enemy units when dying. Singed Spell: Singed‘s Chemtech Mayhem Cost: 4 Kill every Caustic Cask currently on the field. For every cask destroyed, place 1 Chemtech Mayhem marker on an enemy unit. This unit takes 1 damage at the end of every turn for 3 turns. Shuffle 1 Singed into your deck.
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