A Corporate Matter, 1/21/19

#A Corporate Matter **Episode: _Don't Go 'Round Tonight It's Bound To Take Your Life There's a Blood moon On The Rise_** {{champion:429}} "I can't take him as our leader anymore. It's time we do something about it." {{champion:91}} "Oh yeah, and how do you propose we do that?" {{champion:98}} "He's the eclipse lord, we don't have enough power to move against him." {{champion:429}} "No, we don't. But there was one who could, once." {{champion:60}} "You don't possibly mean, not him?" {{champion:429}} "Yes, I do. If we resurrect Blood Moon Aatrox, he can stand against the eclipse lord." {{champion:60}} "You're insane, there is a good reason he's dead." {{champion:429}} "He died because he was too ambitious. He tried to rule too quickly, before he had built up a proper following. But now, look at how many of us there are. We could rule the world, if only that fool Zilean wanted to." {{champion:91}} "Alright, let's assume bringing him back to life is even a good idea. Is it even possible?" {{champion:412}} "I have been researching it, and yes, it is possible. It will have to happen during a blood moon. During a blood moon, the veil between Runeterra and hell is weakened. Allowing a tear in it, that's how a new blood moon demon is made. When this happens, I believe I can reach in and hook a specific soul out of hell. It will require a flesh sacrifice, of course, so he has something to use as a body." {{champion:98}} "That actually sounds correct. I'm in." {{champion:91}} "Well, this will either work, and we get a real leader. Or we all die, and my suffering ends. So it's a win-win." {{champion:60}} "What the hell, sure." {{champion:429}} "How about you Diana? You want to get back at Zilean for turning you into a blood moon?" {{champion:131}} "As far as I'm concerned, you're all to blame for my situation. But I refuse to assist in bringing another demon into this world. I won't tell Zilean, but you'll get no help from me. I'll be in my room sulking if you want anything." _"Walks away."_ {{champion:429}} "Alright, it's us then. No one mention a thing to the others. I don't want Zilean to be able to stop us before we begin." {{champion:28}} "You don't want Zilean to stop what?" {{champion:429}} "Nothing, just a surprise party for him." {{champion:28}} "No need to lie to me, I heard the whole thing. I want in too. Since I have been made he has only treated me like trash. I want to show him." {{champion:429}} "Alright, fine. Go back to your normal routine, we will reconvene before the next blood moon." _**The next blood moon:**_ {{champion:26}} "It is finally time, THE BLOOD MOON HAS BEGUN! You three, very dedicated, worshippers have been selected to become the next blood moon demons! Give yourselves a hand." {{champion:15}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:238}} _"Claps hands."_ {{champion:26}} "First up, we have Sivir, you have been worshipping us for a very long time. I think you have finally proven your worth to the cause, come forth and receive eternal life!" {{champion:15}} "Thank you so much. I have been working towards this my whole life. You have no idea how much this means to me." {{champion:26}} "Alright, just go get your powers. The blood moon doesn't last all night." {{champion:15}} "Alright. **ARHAAHAGAHAGAHUHUHUGUH!!!!!**" _"Turns into a blood moon."_ {{champion:26}} "Oooh, look at her now. So cool, and that weapon. It even turns into a mini blood moon. Here, have your chili cheese fries and go join the others." {{champion:84}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:85}} _"Claps and cheers."_ {{champion:131}} _"Looks depressed."_ {{champion:26}} "Where is the other half of you guys? They are missing all the fun?" {{champion:84}} "They said they might be a little late. Don't worry about them." {{champion:26}} "Alright, I guess they will get half portions of fries tonight. Anyway, back to the ritual. Step forward, Pyke! Though you have only been with us for a short time, you have proven yourself more than worthy of this honor. Come come, receive our gift." {{champion:555}} "Thank you, as soon as I heard I could become a badass demon if I joined you guys, I made it the number one priority on my list. Let's get these powers. **ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!**" _"Turns into a blood moon."_ {{champion:26}} "So very spooky, take these fries and join the others." {{champion:84}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:85}} _"Claps and cheers."_ {{champion:26}} "And now, the blood moon has power for one more. And I think it's someone you have all been waiting for. Zed, you have long been a favorite among the blood moon demons. I am proud to say, you have finally earned your spot beside us." {{champion:238}} "Thank you. You know, I-" {{champion:429}} **"STOP RIGHT THERE!"** {{champion:26}} "Ah, Kalista and the others. Have you all finally decided to join us for this most glorious celebration?" {{champion:429}} "Not exactly, gang, **GET THE SACRIFICE!**" {{champion:238}} "What is go-" _"Gets tackled and hogtied."_ {{champion:26}} "I'm confused, why are we assaulting the new recruit?" {{champion:429}} "Your reign as our leader is over. We are bringing in one who will truly lead us to glory. You got him Thresh?" {{champion:412}} "Ha, yes! His soul is hooked. Just need to pull it in and throw it into that body." _**The soul is hooked out of the portal and flies straight into Zed's body.**_ {{champion:238}} "Mr. Zilean, I don't feel so good." _"Explodes."_ {{champion:26}} **"WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO HIM!"** {{champion:60}} "Well that's just great, we betrayed Zilean, and all we got is covered in the blood and guts of one of our disciples." {{champion:412}} "Just give it a minute." _**All the blood, guts and other pieces of Zed begin moving towards the center of the explosion. Forming together into one humanoid shape.**_ {{champion:266}} **"I LIVE!"** {{champion:26}} "What is this, who are you?" {{champion:266}} "I am the one and only, Blood Moon Aatrox. Just, who are you?" {{champion:26}} "I am the Eclipse lord, you bow before me!" {{champion:266}} "You, the Eclipse Lord? **AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!** The mortal realm is funnier than I remember. Wait, you're serious. Well, Sorry to break it too you, but I'm in charge now." {{champion:26}} "I don't think so." _"Time bomb blasts him away."_ {{champion:266}} _"Gets up."_ "It seems you are telling the truth, the real eclipse lord, and a powerful one at that." {{champion:429}} "Yes, but he is a horrible leader. He wants us all to be some sorta dumb chili cheese fry eating pacifists. That's why we brought you back, to kill him." {{champion:266}} "I am weak from reforming. In this state I am no match for an eclipse lord. We need to retreat. Come back when I am stronger." {{champion:429}} "But we can't- Fine, you are our leader now, you call the shots." {{champion:266}} "This fight will have to wait until another time. When I return, I will kill this Eclipse Lord and all who follow him. Join me now or feel my wrath later." {{champion:429}} "Wait, we don't need to kill any blood moons. Just put them in their place." {{champion:266}} "I do not let the unworthy live. Follow me or die!" {{champion:555}} "He makes a solid argument. Sorry boss, but I'm gonna join him." {{champion:157}} "You can't honestly believe he will win. No one is more powerful than Zilean." {{champion:555}} "You are probably right, but Aatrox has a chance of winning, Zilean won't kill me if he wins, even if I fight him. But Aatrox will." {{champion:157}} "Alright, fair point I guess." {{champion:555}} _"Walks over to Blood Moon Aatrox."_ {{champion:266}} "No one else? Shame. I will return to slay you all." {{champion:26}} "You won't be going anywhere with my blood moons!" {{champion:266}} _"Sigh."_ "You are annoying." _"Stomps on the ground, sending a shockwave that knocks down Zilean and his followers."_ {{champion:266}} "Let's get out of here." _"Him and his followers leave."_
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