[Champion Concept] Martin, The Last Chance (Updated!)

So this is my second crack at creating a champion concept, hopefully it'll turn out much better. **Introduction** This champion was inspired by Jayce and Heimerdinger, and came to me when thinking about what sort of future was in store insofar as Runeterra. Martin has traveled back in time to warn the denizens of Piltover of a dire threat, but the process of coming back has damaged his memory. He has an very deep-seated fear of anything related to the Void, although he does not remember why. Fragments of the threat come forward at times, but for now he settles for participating in the League to help the Piltover of the present resolve its current issues. Martin is meant to be a marksman, although it would be feasible to take him mid-lane as well. His main weapon is the Mark 17 Hytter (pronounced 'hitter'), or M17-H, a firearm from his time that can adapt itself to whatever combat needs Martin requires. The M17-H in its default form doesn't look much different than Caitlyn's rifle, except that it is metallic blue and appears to be one solid piece of metal. This weapon is what most of his abilities revolve around. Martin wears very plain clothes: dark blue shirt, brown slacks, and boots. His hair is medium cut and dark brown, with an odd vibrant blue streak through the middle. His eyes are also red, similar to Jinx, although he shares no relation to her. He would have special interactions with Caitlyn, Vi, Jayce, Jinx, Heimerdinger, Ezreal, Vel'Koz, and Kog'Maw, possibly a few others. **Lore** The future is never certain, but for one man, it is a living hell. The City of Progress is little more than ruins and bones, a graveyard of the dreams that once thrived there. Nothing remains on the surface that would give any indication that Piltover was once the center of research in Valoran; however, underground, a certain yordle scientist and one human teenager work towards giving this bleak world a chance. Martin, the Last Chance, has been training with the advanced weapon M17-H for three years in preparation; Heimerdinger, incredibly old and frail, has been constructing a device to send Martin back in time to prevent the catastrophe that befell Piltover. On the day that Martin was supposed to be sent back, the underground installation is attacked by a slew of Void monsters, and Heimerdinger is forced to send the teenager without finishing his preparation. This results in Martin not only ending up at a different destination, but with his memory extensively damaged in the process. The confused teenager awakens in modern-day Piltover, unsure of how he arrived or why he was there at all. His sudden appearance caused quite a commotion, and he was taken into custody by the sheriff, Caitlyn. After explaining the very little he did remember, Martin was allowed to keep his weapon and was released from prison, under the condition that he use his skills to assist Caitlyn and Vi in keeping peace in Piltover. After spending time fighting crime, pieces of his memory began to return. Martin remembered that he had been sent back with a warning, that some cataclysmic event was going to befall Piltover, perhaps all of Valoran; however, the details still eluded his damaged mind. He continues working with Piltover law enforcement, finding that bringing wrongdoers to justice gives him a sense of satisfaction; he also hopes that more of his memory will return. **_Martin, the Last Chance_** Primary Role: Marksman Secondary Role: Mage **Stats** Health: 515 (+70 per level) Mana: 300 (+30 per level) Attack Damage: 65 (+3 per level) Attack Range: 550 Attack Speed: 0.65 (+2.5% per level) Movement Speed: 335 Health Regen: 2.5 (+0.5 per level) Armor: 16 (+3 per level) Magic Resist: 30 **Abilities** Passive: Spark of the Future Martin's weapon and body both contain future tech, which gives him an edge when things are going his way. Whenever Martin destroys a structure or gets a kill/assist on a champion, he gains 10% of his total AD as true damage for 6 seconds. Q: M17-H Pulse Cost: 40/45/50/55/60 mana Pulse Range: 500 Cooldown: 14/12/10/8/6 seconds Martin's next autoattack gains a burst of pulse energy, dealing additional damage and piercing through the target. After striking through three targets, or reaching the end of its range, the pulse explodes, dealing additional damage to surrounding units. -Martin's empowered autoattack hits the target dealing an additional 50/75/100/125/150+(0.8 AD) damage; after a 0.5 second delay, the pulse moves forward through enemies and/or to the end of its range and explodes. The explosion has a range of 200/250/300/350/400 and deals 60/75/90/105/120 + (0.8 AP) damage. -This ability can hit through terrain. -The first target can take damage from the blast if it is within range. W: M-17H Flash Cost: 60/65/70/75/80 mana Range: 500 Effect Radius: 300 Cooldown: 16/15/14/13/12 seconds Martin fires a concentrated blast of light from his weapon, temporarily disorienting his foes. The blast does no damage, but foes caught in the center of it are stunned for 0.5 seconds and revealed for 3 seconds; if an enemy champion is caught in the center, Martin recognizes his chance to escape and gains 15/25/35/45/55% bonus movement speed for three seconds. Foes caught in the blast but not in the center are slowed instead (20/25/30/35/40%). -This ability is a skillshot, and is blocked by terrain. E: Technopathy/Desperate Measure Cost: N/A Range: Self Cooldown: N/A Martin has a unique link to the technology that he uses, and it responds to his will. _Technopathy_ (Passive): Every time an ability is used, one stack of Technopathy is gained, increasing Martin's AD and AP by 1 and 0.5 respectively, to a maximum of 50 each. _Desperate Measures_ (Active): By consuming all of his current Technopathy stacks, Martin gains a temporary boost to his AD and AP, but at the cost of any AD and AP gained by this ability. The amount gained varies by skill level and total stacks: (115/130/145/160/175% of current AD and AP gained through Technopathy) R: M17-H Overclock Protocol Cost: 100/100/100 mana Range: 700/800/900 Cooldown: 150/125/100 seconds Martin activates the final feature of the M17-H, launching a massive blast that locks on to the nearest enemy champion, dealing massive damage. Any enemy units in the way are knocked aside, and any units caught in the resulting explosion are slowed by the damage caused to the surrounding terrain. This overloads Martin's weapon, rendering him unable to use his other abilities for 10/7/5 seconds. The blast deals 350/500/650 + (1.2 AD) + (1.0 AP) damage to the primary target, and 35% of that damage to surrounding units within 500 range. The force of the blast damages the surrounding terrain, slowing all hostile units within 600 range by 50%. The damaged terrain lasts five seconds. -This ability inflicts a self-silence on Martin, which includes his passive. -This ability can travel through terrain. **Quotes** _Selection_ You don't have to have memories to know right from wrong. _Movement_ (First)- Let's see if anything jogs my memory this time. - Moving forward one shot at a time. - Gotta remember 42. - Get a load of this! _Low Health_ - I can't fall yet, not this time! _Using Ultimate_ - There's no escape! - You've left me no choice. _Items_ - Doran's Blade: Better than nothing I guess. - Doran's Ring: I'll take what I can get. - Blade of the Ruined King: Can I use evil to fight evil? - Last Whisper: Did you say something? Speak up! - Hextech Gunblade: This feels right somehow. - Triforce: Let's see them try to stop me now. - Guardian Angel: Now I get a second chance. _Death_ - Not like this... - I remember this darkness. **Taunts** - With my weapon, the darkness doesn't stand a chance. - I've got a bullet with your name on it. - Is it wrong to kill in order to protect people? (Caitlyn)- You still use that antique? Get an upgrade! (Vi)- Can't solve my problems with punching, babe. (Heimerdinger)- So _that's_ what you look like young. (Jayce)- Never thought I'd meet a legend face to face. (Ekko)- I think we would've been friends, in another life. (Jinx)- Who knew crazy would look that good? (Ezreal)- Not much skill from where I'm standing. (Vel'Koz)- I thought you were only in my nightmares... (Kassadin)- No one listened to the warnings, but I'll make them! (Nocturne)- You're not like One-Eye, but your darkness must perish! **Jokes** -Trying to remember...was it eighty-eight miles per hour? -What was it...fire, aim, load? (Weapon malfunctions) I went back to this guy and made some changes to his lore, abilities, and numbers, as well as adding some dialogue for his character. Let me know what y'all think! EDIT: [Reviewed Kraus, The Indomitable Spirit!](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/xkJ9qTTw-champion-concept-kraus-the-indomitable-spirit?comment=0003) EDIT: Thanks to Fury and Emperor for the awesome critique! Made some changes -Altered passive to count for assists, and changed magic damage to true damage. -Changed Q to an empowered autoattack and tweaked the numbers, as well as clarifications to range and interactions with terrain. -Scrapped W entirely, created an escape/utility tool that felt unique to Martin. -E is now a complete ability! (Thanks to Fury and Emperor for pointing out this glaring oversight! (still facepalming over it) -R numbers tweaked
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