Ryze double revert concept

2nd Ryze was the most long lived of all versions of Ryze being in the game for around five years. This is a concept based off that original design. I chose not to mess around with damage numbers but I imagine his Q damage would be higher, W the same, E damage roughly the same. The rest of his kit would likely be around the same as it was. **Passive: Arcane mastery** Upon using an ability, Ryze reduces his other cool downs by 1.5 seconds. Ryze’s damaging spells deal bonus magic damage based off his maximum mana. **Q: Overload ** Active: Ryze unleashes a runic blast in target direction dealing magic damage to the first enemy struck Cool down: 3 seconds **W: Rune prison** Active: Instantly deals magic damage and roots target enemy for a short duration. Cool down: 14 seconds **E: Spell flux** Active: Ryze hurls an orb of runic energy at target enemy that bounces between them and Ryze 6 times. Enemies hit by the orb take magic damage and have their magic resist reduced (stacks up to 3 times). Cool down: 14 seconds **R: Desperate power** For the duration, Ryze heals for a % of ability damage dealt, gains bonus movement speed and his spells deal half their damage as AOE around the original target. TLDR I changed his Q into a skill shot and reworked his E to require more skill, making it far more focused on positioning due to how it can double its own damage, also, it could also be a strong wave clear tool in the earlier levels.

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