Dolan The Cursed Boy

Here is a new champion design i thought of, think of him looking like Meliodas from seven deadly sins. his abilities are as following. He wields no weapons except a curse by the original creators of the universe to wield all good and all evil. His base health is 570 and his base mana is 370. (Angel form) Q - He pushes wind forward slowing enemy's and dealing Magical Damage. (60 mana at level 1) W- He does a sweep/slash combo attack. First he sweeps knocking minions / jg camps to the side and champions less. After sweeping he throws out a Slash attack which does Magic damage healing from damage dealt. (80 mana at level 1) E- He takes out his wings and he does a dash forward knocking enemy's to the side while after the dash ends turning invisible for 0.3 seconds If enemy's are behind him they get knocked back. (90 mana at level 1) R- Switches between Demon and Angel Form. (No Cost) (20sec CD) (Demon Form) Q - He throws a spike of infested Demon goo that does AD damage and slows enemy's for 0.7 seconds. (60 mana at level 1) W - He throws an AOE ball (looks kind of like neeko Q) Rooting people for 0.8 seconds and inflicting +20% bonus AD damage to the rooted enemy's. If he damages any of the enemy's for 50% of the health they had before getting rooted he gets a dash from 700 units (doesnt have to be on a champion). (80 mana at level 1) E - He Jumps to any enemy dealing AD damage And healing for 30% of damage dealt, and when recast on any enemy he fears them for 2 seconds. (70 mana at level 1) R- Switches between Demon and Angel Form. (No Cost) (20sec CD)
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