Antemore - The Child of The Scholars

Antemore is a child raised by a society of scholars as their way of atoning for their miscalculation of the K18 incident. Brought up around highly intellectual people he sees himself as a delinquent hooligan despite being more studious than most. Passive - Compendium Every third level Antemore may inquest into one of the 24 branches of knowledge to buff one of his basic abilities. Each BoK will only buff one particular basic ability in a specific way and each ability may not be buffed more than thrice. There are 8 BoKs for each basic and the ultimate will not be affected in any way. He can only gain new BoK at base and it is shown in a buff visible to enemies. Q - Colliding Projectiles Antemore throws a large slow moving energy sphere, damaging enemies it passes through. The ability can be reactivated to throw a small fast moving sphere to deal the same damage, if the projectiles collide they will explode. The explosion deals no damage but will slow the enemy. W - Good Use Antemore slams his large book in a ground targeted area in his proximity briefly stunning all targets hit. E - DIY Antemore builds a vision totem (same area as a farsight ward) that lasts for 3 minutes, during the first 5 seconds the totem is visible and will tank 1 skillshot (but will be destroyed) Antemore can have a maximum of 1/2/3/4/5 totems on the map at any point in time and it does not contribute to maximum ward score. Ultimate - The Conference After a 0.5 s delay, 8 of the Scholars are projected in a ring around an area for 3 seconds to study one or more enemy champions. All champions within the circle are disarmed and silenced. Should the conference be successfully completed with at least 4 of the Scholars still present, the ally team will gain a shield (shared between team members) against the studied champion, and no ally champion will take damage until that shield is broken. Should there be more than one enemies present when the conference starts, the effect also extends to that enemy and the shield increases (though not by 100%). The Scholars are quick note takers so leaving the ring will not prevent being studied. If a champion is an ally and was present when the ring was formed, they are excused and will not be silenced/disarmed until they leave and re-enter the ring. Branches of Knowledge Available -> This is gonna be a bit hard to balance so I'm leaving it out for Riot but here are some examples Q -> Hex-Combustion -> Antemore starts off the ability by throwing out an even slower projectile, which, if caught in the explosion, will explode itself as well, dealing damage and also slowing enemies Optometry -> Antemore blinds enemies caught in all explosions Teachings of The Bearded Lady -> Antemore deals damage to soul as well as body (soul does not leave body); pretty much just a damage amplifier by a certain percentage Ballistics -> Antemore may immediately cast the ability again when it ends to redirect all projectiles to explode in a ground targeted location near him Piltic Techfusion -> The two projectiles now are fused as one, dealing damage from both original projectiles as well as slowing when it hits an enemy. (projectiles no longer passes through) Ionian coordination -> Antemore will leap off his first projectile bouncing himself back a short distance Pyrotechnics -> The spheres now apply a flammable substance to enemies they pass through, and will deal further damage if flammable enemies are caught in the explosion. Runic Studies -> The fast sphere accelerates towards the slow sphere, even if cast in a completely different direction Ionian Coordination W -> Big Eaters League-> The book devours one enemy hit (but cannot move enemy around like TK) and will spit the enemy out once the ability finishes. Botany Chapter -> Roots sprout from the pages pulling in all enemies in a cone infront of it but can be blocked (think swain's q, ashes' volley, grave's auto) On Lasers and Lights -> After the initial ability ends. The book reopens to a new page firing a short laser before it closes. Therapeutics -> Antemore is healed for the damage he dealt Puppeteering -> The book may be slammed in a larger range available, and will fly back to Antemore rather than Antemore leaping with it. Ghoul Chapter -> Ghouls spawn from the book and attack all enemies hit Acoustic Theory -> The book screams as it is slammed down silencing all enemies hit Cryo-dynamics Chapter -> After the initial ability ends. The book reopens to a new page firing a slow cuboid ice projectile that stuns the first enemy hit Electromagnetism -> A discharge is released from the pages damaging enemies that have been damaged by Antemore's other abilities within the last few seconds. E -> Aeropropulsion -> The totem now sends an eye in the sky to see over walls and in a larger area (still invisible to enemies) Alarm System -> If no enemies were seen in the last 10 seconds, the totem pings newly visible enemies that it reveals Disguise-> The totem is now visible, cannot block skillshots but is disguised as a farsight ward, that, when killed by an enemy auto will explode like scryers blooms but in a full circle and slightly smaller range Medicinal Recipe -> Allies can click on the totem to channel healing Constructive Aggression -> The totem, when destroyed, spawns 5 plants that runs towards enemies dealing damage Creed of The Black Rose -> The totem will respawn itself after 15 seconds after being destroyed to last an additional 1 minute. (max once per totem) Mobility -> Totem now roams around within a circle but will run away after revealing an enemy. Fortification -> Totem now is much bigger and can tank up to three skillshots Art of Distraction -> Totem taunts nearby enemies that reveal it, when taunted enemies do not damage to the totem. _"Antemore. That's Ancient Shuriman for "energic one"." _
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