My Best Quinn Rework Concept: Quinn and Valor, The Heralds of Justice.

Name: Quinn Ama Titiana (Wise Eagle of Honor) Sex: Female Age: 26 Type: Marksman Damage Type: Physical Origin: Demacia (Art NOT by me) Look: (Music NOT by me) Theme: Passive: > (P) Quinn & Valor - Passive: When Quinn dies, Valor will take Quinn's place as a new Champion. Quinn goes on her death timer. If Quinn finishes her death timer, she will not respawn until Valor dies or returns to the fountain. Quinn can trade places with Valor anytime, Valor will return to Quinn's position when switching back. Valor is a melee champion. > > If Valor is dead, Quinn's Harrier, Q, W, and Ult are disabled until Valor respawn. If Valor is dead and Quinn dies, the respawn timer on Quinn & Valor is reset, and they will respawn together. > > Quinn & Valor's respawn timers are the same, and can only buy items if both are dead or if Quinn is the controlled champion at the fountain. > > Valor can use Harrier, Bulled Wing/Hunt/Eagles Judgment, Venture/Vault, > > (P) Harrier - Passive: Valor marks a nearby visible or invisible target as Vulnerable every 6 seconds, revealing them for 4 seconds. Units hit by Bulled Wing/Hunt/Eagles Judgment, Vault and Skystrike will also be marked as Vulnerable. > > Quinn or Valor's next basic attack against a Vulnerable target deals 10 − 95 (based on level) (+ 16% − 50% (based on level) AD) bonus physical damage. Q: Bulled Wing/Hunt/Eagles Judgment > (Q) Bulled Wing - First cast: Quinn commands Valor to fly in high speed in a chosen line of direction, dealing Attack damage to all targets hit, applying Eagles Harrier and a 2 second slow for 20%. > > If Bulled Wing hits an enemy champion or monster, she gains an Eagles Judgment stack for 8 seconds to which she can cast Hunt. > > (Q) Hunt - Second cast: Quinn cast Bulled Wing. Bulled Wing deals an extra 20% bonus physical damage and slows for 40% for 2 seconds. If Valor hits an enemy champion or monster, Quinn gains another stack of Eagles Judgment to which she can cast Eagles Judgment. > > (Q) Eagles Judgment - Third cast: Quinn cast Bulled Wing. If Valor hits an enemy, Bulled Wing will deal double damage to all targets, blinding and stunning all enemies for 1.25 seconds. Target Range: 635 Cooldown: 11/9 Mana: 60 W: Behind Enemy Lines/Skystike > (W) Behind Enemy Lines - First Active: Quinn channels for 0.5 seconds. Upon completing it successfully, and Valor picks her up, increasing her total movement speed by 70%/130% and gaining the ability to activate Skystrike. > > Suffering immobilizing crowd control effects while Behind Enemy Lines is channeling cancels it. Taking damage from champions, monsters, or turrets while Behind Enemy Lines is active removes the bonus movement speed for 3 seconds. > > If you have a least one point in Behind Enemy Lines, respawning or returning to the summoning platform will spawn Valor. > > (W) Skystrike - Second Active: Quinn detaches from Valor, ending Behind Enemy Lines' effects, and deals 40% AD physical damage to all units around her. > >Launching a basic attack, Bulled Wing/Hunt/Eagles Judgment, or Vault during Behind Enemy Lines automatically activates Skystike. Skystike will follow Quinn's trail during Vault. Cooldown: 0 Mana: 100/95/80/60/30 E: Venture/Vault > (E) Venture - First Active: Quinn charges for 1.5 second, gaining 35% bonus movement speed, and slow effects are 5% less effective. > > If Quinn is running from an enemy champion, Venture can be cast again for triple the amount of bonus movement speed for 1 second longer, and slow effects are 20% less effective. The bonus movement speed is unchanged when Behind Enemy Lines is active. > > If Quinn is running towards an enemy champion, Venture becomes Vault for 4 seconds. > > (E) Vault - Second Active: Quinn dashes in the target direction, dealing 20-155((+ 20% AD) increased by 10%-15%(Max: 60%-120%) per 100 movement speed) physical damage, disarming, and slowing all enemy hit by 20% for 1.5 seconds. Quinn will not lose her bonus movement speed from Behind Enemy Lines but will exit Behind Enemy Lines, and keep the bonus movement speed for .5 seconds after the dash. > >Pressure the Assult - Passive: If Quinn hits an enemy champion with Vault, gain 60% bonus attack speed for 2 seconds. Harrier's cooldown is decreased to .5 seconds for 2 seconds. Target Range: 575(+ 25 per 100 movement speed) Cooldown: 12/8 Mana: 50/55/60/65/70 R: Hurricanes of Condemnation > (R) Hurricanes of Condemnation - Active: Quinn orders Valor to shriek, fearing all enemies within 500 units for 2 seconds. Giving Quinn and all allies within 1500/2000 units Courage for 1/2.5/4 seconds. > > Courage: 20% of all damage is nullified, gain 40% tenacity, and negate the first active CC. It counts for all CC, even Mal Ult. Cooldown: 80/60 Mana: 50 Thanks for reading, feel free to leave your opinion and criticism. It helps me out for my future concept ideas.
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