[Champions' Rework Concepts] Ryze, Yorick and Warwick

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So, this year we will have these three champions reworked and updated to current game standards. So, i want to suggest some build variants for their reworks, trying to keep their themes together, but adding more flavor and gameplay elements - basically, make them relevant to current game. **** **** Lets start with **Ryze -- The Rogue mage**. Currently, he orbits around an idea of spamy, tanky, bruiser-like mage, who rotates spells, dealing massive damage, if you get caught. However, i don't think that riot went right about it and will try to make Ryze more fun to play as and less frustrating to play against. https://i.warosu.org/data/tg/img/0286/41/1386138871288.jpg Passive **Arcane Mirror** After casting Q or E, you will cast same ability again, after 1.25 sec delay (doesn't count as casting and will not interrupt your previous actions). Mirrored ability will be released in the same direction and deal 20-30% of normal damage. Q **Overload** Release a bold of lightning towards your cursor. It will deal X (first hit) damage to first enemy hit and can chain to another enemy, dealing X (second hit, deals less than first hit) damage to the second target. If this ability hits a second target, then it bounce back to original target, dealing X (third hit, deals less damage than second hit) damage to the first enemy hit. **Range:** average **Scalings:** scales only with AP **Cooldown:** short, about 5 sec or so. **Mana cost:** average .............. W **Rune Prison** Create a circle of runes around you. Each rune will last for X sec. If an enemy walks over one of your runes, rune will trigger, dealing X damage to that enemy and root him/her in place for X sec. After triggering, rune will disappear. Hitting rooted enemy with your Q will cause it to chain between all rooted enemies, dealing third hit damage to them all. **Range:** something around 400 **Number of runes:** maybe between 6 and 8 **Scalings:** scales only with AP **Cooldown:** fairly long **Rune arming time:** fairly short, around 0.6 sec or so **Mana cost:** high .............. E **Arcane Burst** Burn all enemies in a small cone, dealing X damage to them and reduce their magic resist by X for X sec. Magic resist reduction stacks up to X times (something like 6 or 8 times). If you manage to stack magic resist reduction to maximum stack on enemy champion, you will get sudden surge of power, gaining shield, which will absorb up to X damage over X sec. Shield can't exceed X damage absorbption, but can proc from multpile enemy champions. **Range:** fairly low, about 350 or so **Cooldown:** very short, like 2 sec or so **Damage scaling:** scales only with AP **Shield scaling:** scales with your missing MP; the more MP you have spent, the strong shield will be **Mana cost:** average .............. R **Forbidden Magic** Create a magical ring around you and it will last for X sec. It will move together with you. Enemies inside of this ring loses X magic resist every sec, while you gain X spell vamp every sec. When ring disappears, bonus spell vamp will still last for X sec. Dealing damage to enemy champions, who are within this ring, will reduce remaining cooldowns on your other abilities by X sec. Casting any ability will cause this ring to expand by X%. **Radius:** about 300 or so, but could be easily expanded to 600 or so **Cooldown:** long **Mana cost:** high **** **** Now, let continue with **Yorick -- the Gravedigger**. He is something like jack-of-all-trades type of champion. He have sustain, slow, speed up and so on. And while his have many good things, he doesn't excel greatly in any of those. I will try to keep this theme together, while adding some more gameplay, because currently he have none of it - point-and-click is his current style. http://i.imgur.com/EnzSJ.jpg Passive **Unholy Covenant** Gain X bonus attack damage and X bonus ability power for each ghoul or specter on the map. Your ghouls and specters gains X% of your attack damage and X% of your maximum health. If ghouls or specters moves more than X units away from you, they will start to decay, losing X% of health every sec. However, your ghouls and specters don't die when you get killed. .............. Q **Bottomless Grave** Dig a hole in the ground, which will last for X sec. This hole will act as impassable terrain, preventing enemies from walking through it. There can be maximum X number of graves and creating new ones will close up the old ones. In addition, when graves is dug up and every X after that, a rotting ghoul will crawl out. It will attack nearby enemies, preferring to attack enemy champions. If no enemies are nearby, ghoul will scout nearby areas. Also, ghoul will emit slowing aura, reducing movement speed of nearby enemies by X%. There is no maximum number of rotting ghouls. Enemy champions can fill in your holes, by clicking in them and channeling for X sec. In addition, if you click on one of your graves, you can enter it, becoming immune to everything and invisible. However, your vision range will be reduced by X% and if grave gets filled, you will be pushed out of it. You can exit your grave by executing a movement command. **Casting time:** something about 1 sec **Range:** melee **Radius of a hole:** less than Trundle's pillar **Cooldown:** normal, about 10 or 12 sec **Mana cost:** normal .............. W **Ghastly Light** Create a huge area around you for X sec. This area will follow you. Enemies, who are in this area, can't see anything outside of this area. In addition, every X sec summon a specter for every enemy champion nearby. These specters will follow you and attack nearby enemies, preferring to attack enemy champions. If one of the specters damage an enemy champion, you will get X% bonus movement speed for X sec. This bonus stack up to X times. **Radius:** big, something around 400 or 500 **Cooldown:** fairly long, maybe 16 sec **Mana cost:** high **Damage scaling:** specter's damage also scales with your AP .............. E **Plague Ghoul** Throw a ghoul as a projectile, stopping at first enemy hit, dealing X damage to that enemy and healing you for X% of damage done. This ghoul will attack nearby enemies, preferring to attack enemy champions. This ghoul will not follow you, but it will track even invisible enemies, following them through bushes and will not lose its target, when enemy turns invisible. Every time this ghoul attacks, you will be healed for X health. If you throw this ghoul of your W, then first enemy hit will be feared for X sec. **Range:** something around 800 **Cooldown:** short, like 8 sec or so **Mana cost:** normal **Damage scaling:** initial damage scales with AD and AP .............. R **Unholy Word: Death** Speak dark works, projecting their power in a cone, affecting everyone within it (but will not affect you). Affected allies champions will be unable to die for X sec, while affected enemies will suffer X damage over X sec, dealing more damage to enemies bellow X% of their maximum health. Activating this ability will cause your all ghouls and specters to become enraged, gaining X% bonus attack and X% bonus movement speed for X sec, regardless where your ghouls are. Also, affected ghouls will be immune to all damage for X sec. You can use this ability even while you are dead, out of your corpse's location. **Range:** average, about 450 **Cooldown:** long **Mana cost:** high **Damage scaling:** scales only with AP **** **** **Warwick -- the Blood Hunter** is pretty simple and straight forward champion now. He steals health, he chases hurt enemies. That is it and i want to keep this theme for him, while also making him more interesting. Also, i think chasing hurt enemies in the key aspect of his kit and should be more important. http://66.media.tumblr.com/14a8e501faf636e237da7888b4de3c89/tumblr_o7y1xw01bo1s7s6mlo1_1280.jpg Passive **The Scent of Blood** You gain sight of all nearby enemy champions with less than X% (something like 35%) of their maximum health, also alerting them to your presence when you get close to them. While any enemies are revealed this way, you gain X% bonus movement speed. (similar to current E) Killing an enemy will cause you to regenerate X health over X sec. Regeneration stacks up to X times. **Range when enemies are revealed:** 1500 -- 3000 **Range when enemies are alerted to your presence:** 900 - 700 .............. Q **Piercing Howl** Howl in a cone, dealing X damage to all enemies and reduce their movement speed by X% for X sec. If you hit an enemy, who is revealed by your passive, that enemy will also be feared for X sec. If you use this ability during your W, then instead using it in a cone, it will be used in radius around you. **Range:** something around 500 **Cooldown:** something around 12 - 15 sec **Mana cost:** normal **Scaling:** scales with AD .............. W **Night Hunter** Fall down to all four, gaining stealth for X sec. You will move X% slower while this ability lasts, but enemies will not be alerted by your passive. Using enemy ability or attacking any enemies will cause stealth to end. **Cooldown:** fairly long, like 18 sec **Mana cost:** high .............. E **Vicious Lunge** Dash forward, stopping at first enemy hit, dealing X damage to him/her and stun him/her for X sec. You will heal for X% of damage done with this ability. You can dash through walls and structures. If you use this ability out of stealth, you will gain X% bonus attacks peed for X sec. **Range:** about 500 or so **Cooldown:** average, between 8 and 12 sec **Mana cost:** normal **Damage scaling:** scales with AP and AD .............. R **Chase the Pray** In the right bottom corner, above your mini map, will be portraits of all enemies champions. Every X sec, you can select one of them. This ability will get bonus effects against chosen enemy champion. Killing selected enemy champion will remove his/her image. If you manage to kill every single marked enemy champion, you will permanently gain X bonus health, X bonus attack damage and X bonus movement speed. Activating this ability get you X% bonus movement speed, increase range of your basic attacks and cause you to jump to your basic attack target. This ability lasts for X sec. While this ability lasts, basic attacks against chosen enemy champion will stealth X health from him/her and add it to you. You can use this ability in stealth and it will not break the stealth. If you use this ability while you are in stealth or in bush, your next basic attacks will get even more range. **Bonus range to basic attacks:** something like 200 **Additional range out of stealth:** something like 200 **Cooldown:** long **Mana cost:** high **Health steal scaling:** scales with AP
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