Claire, the Magic Cat

_There have been mysterious reports of crime in the streets of Piltover. Crimes of burglary and robbery where the criminals are found, apprehended, a short distance from the scene. Whenever the sheriff arrived to arrest the detained burglars, a stray cat would greet her by rubbing itself affectionately along the sheriff's boots. The mystery surrounding these cases had always stumped the Sheriff of Piltover, and her only real lead was a strange cat._ _Not long after Caitlyn left for the League of Legends the unknown vigilante stopped fighting crime, and the mysterious cat had disappeared altogether. Some began to speculate that the cat was involved and wanted to impress the Sheriff, and journeyed to find her once again._ **Passive: Magic of the Seals** - Claire's abilities summon seals. Seals are broken, and activated, when struck with Claire's basic attacks or other seal effects. - Claire's basic attacks against her Seals have increased range (kitty cat karate kicks!), and restore mana. - _Seals are summoned in the air, like a window to a magic effect: breaking the window unleashes the magic. The magic of the Seal can be cast in one of two directions, depending on Claire's direction of attack, or direction of spell ability._ **Q: Dizzy Seal** - Claire summons a Green Star Seal facing target direction. - When Dizzy Seal is broken, a green star-shaped ray emits in a short line in the direction of attack. The green ray deals Magic Damage to enemies hit, and stuns them for a brief moment. - If the green ray hits another Seal the ray stops, and activates the new Seal. **W: Mizzy Seal** - Claire summons a Purple Moon Seal facing target direction. - When Mizzy Seal is broken, a purple moon-shaped beam fires in the direction of attack. The purple beam deals Magic Damage to enemies hit, and increases the Movement Speed of allies hit. - If the purple beam hits another Seal the beam stops, and activates the new Seal. **E: Frizzy Seal** - Claire summons a Blue Cloud Seal facing target direction, it can only be broken by a basic attack. - When Frizzy Seal is attacked, Claire jumps through the Seal and becomes invisible for a short duration. Claire is marked with a Blue Cloud as long as she remains invisible. - As Claire jumps through the Seal, it is broken and creates a shadow in an AOE that blinds enemy vision within and deals minor Magic Damage over time. - If Claire breaks a Seal while marked with a Blue Cloud, the Blue Cloud mark 's duration refreshes. - _Attacking Seals does not disrupt invisibility_. **Ultimate: Slizzy Seal** - Claire summons a Yellow Triangle Seal, and becomes marked with a Yellow Triangle. - While marked with the Yellow Triangle, Claire's next basic attack against an enemy causes her to jump off her target. Claire can reactivate Ancient Seal while marked with the Yellow Triangle to teleport to the Seal, which breaks the Seal. - The Yellow Triangle mark is exchanged through basic attacks, which grant bonus Gold and grant immunity to the mark for a short time. - If Slizzy Seal is activated, marked Champion within range is teleported to the Seal's location.
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