A Corporate Matter Season 9 Episode 13

#A Corporate Matter **Episode: _Boku No Corporate Academia_** {{champion:75}} "Alright you delinquents, listen up! I have been tasked to teach a business course so you teens have an idea of what to do with your future." {{champion:126}} "Who needs to learn about business, we are at the god-weapon academy. Training to be heroes, not office workers." {{champion:75}} "Do you know how many academy students actually end up making a living as heroes? About two percent. Everyone is so sure they are gonna make it, the idiots don't learn how to do anything else. Then when they fail, they have to resort to using their talents to entertain children's birthday parties. Or worse, they turn to a life of crime. Learning how to run work in a business environment not only gives you something to fall back on. It will teach you how to invest your money properly when you are too old to be a hero." {{champion:81}} "Will all due respect Mr. Teacher. This sounds like something we can worry about later. Right now we're young, we should focus on the fun stuff." {{champion:75}} **"DO YOU HAVE AN IDEA HOW FORTUNATE YOU ARE THAT SOMEONE LIKE ME AGREED TO TEACH BRATS LIKE YOU?!** {{champion:99}} "I for one am very grateful that you are teaching this course. I think it's a great idea to learn to do more than just be a hero." {{champion:55}} "You seem to have forgotten to wear your collar, Ms teacher's pet." {{champion:75}} "If you teens don't shut up and let me start teaching I am going to start stacking instead." _**Later, in the teacher's lounge:**_ {{champion:75}} "That on one of the toughest rooms I have ever been in. And I'm the guy who stopped the early sales on 1350 RP skins." {{champion:104}} "Don't worry, it doesn't get any easier. I hate teaching, and children." {{champion:75}} "Then why are you a teacher?" {{champion:104}} "I have my reasons." {{champion:350}} _"Jumps on Nasus's head."_ "Oooh, so mysterious." {{champion:75}} "What is this? What's going on? What is on my head?" {{champion:104}} "That's our Battle Principle, Yuumi. She likes to jump on peoples heads." {{champion:75}} "Well, I don't like her on my head. Get off." {{champion:350}} "Fine, you smell like dog anyway." _"Jumps onto her floating book."_ {{champion:75}} "You have a flying book?" {{champion:350}} "Flying battle book!" {{champion:75}} "Do you guys just shove the word battle in front of everything here?" {{champion:104}} "Yep, pretty much." {{champion:350}} "Except for our bus, which we just have to call a bus do to legal reasons." {{champion:75}} "This is gonna be a long couple of weeks." _**Meanwhile:**_ {{champion:82}} "Is my new armor almost ready, peon?" {{champion:29}} "Yes my lord, soon you will the most badass and feared thing in all of Runeterra." {{champion:82}} "Good, then we will enact my plan. If we strike down the heroes before they can become heroes. Then there will be nothing left to stop us." {{champion:29}} "I still don't know how you plan on breaching their defenses." {{champion:82}} "It is not your place to know. I have it all worked it. Just finish my armor!" _**To Be Continued:**_

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