AP bruiser OmniVamp / Movement speed item idea

Since the change of Shurelya's Reverie, there isn't any option to get health, movement speed and AP on the same item anymore. There are plenty of champions who need an item like that. Additionally there are life steal items for AD champions and even OmniVamp items both for AD and hybrid champions. However there is nothing like that for AP bruisers/tanks. Here is an idea for an item that would fix both of those issues: recipe 450 gold --------------------------------------------------------------- aether wisp 800 gold oblivion orb 1600 gold crystalline bracer 650 gold --------------------------------------------------------------- total: 3500 gold stats: +60 AP +10% movement speed +400 health +15 Magic Penetration Unique Passive: Instantly Heal for 15% of all damage dealt, including physical, magic, and true damage. Area of effect and pets damage only heals 5% for every unit affected. This effect is reduced to 6% and 2% for ranged champions. Unique Active: Grants you 50%-10% bonus movement speed based on your attack range for 4 seconds (90 second cooldown). (125 range = 50%, 525 range or above = 10%) The gold efficiency for this is below Death's Dance and Hextech Gunblade and would work great on champs like Singed, Rumble, Cho'Gath, etc. Since AD champions can get movement speed boosts, life steal and omnivamp, there is no reason why AP champions would need to be in such a bad place. Edited: Added the +15 magic penetration from Oblivion orb, and reduced the health from 500 to 400 to keep the gold efficiency below Death's Dance. Edited: Reduced the active and passive effects for ranged champions.

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