Mordekaiser rework concept

MordeKaiser reimagine - probably could've been a new champion concept but i ain't writing lore Abilities **Ascent of the Fallen** MK binds part of his target's soul as a shield when applying magic damage and inflicts the target with SoulRend instead of damage or death if SoulRend exceeds HP. If the shield is lost through damage, SoulRended targets take damage. Should SoulRend targets die, they may become enslaved based on the percentage of their soul Mordekaiser holds. (The concept is basically soul stealing, he steals part of your soul and uses it as a shield) **Nightfall** - make an exception to above rule...because giant mace Mordekaiser swings Nightfall in three arcs in quick succession dealing escalating damage with each strike. Nightfall does not apply SoulRend but generates a large shield on takedowns.(technically a channel with 50% bonus attack speed, think combination between Taric passive and Pantheon E) **Call of the Dead** Mordekaiser establishes his dominion in an area around him for a few seconds calling forth lesser spirits that lunge at nearby targets. Every time a unit is struck, the number of spirits grow. Spirits reduce damage taken by a flat amount **Siphon of Destruction** Mordekaiser unleashes a cone of malignant unlife healing Mordekaiser for each target hit. If only a single target is affected, the effects are increased **Legion of the Damned** Mordekaiser twists the fog of war calling forth dead to descend from the pseudo black mist for a duration. The army of the dead attempts to centralize on Mordekaiser attacking any unit in its path. (I dunno, not very imaginative when it comes to ultimates) ____ Rengar Reconcept * Prey on the weak and you will survive, prey on the strong and you will live * takes time with every kill, studying his prey, learning, and preparing himself * raised by a legendary hunter...ideal pupil, absorbing lessons, and improving them with his uncanny feral instincts * without formidable adversaries to push his limits, he feared that he would never again feel the Thrill of the Hunt **Passive - Thrill of the Hunt** Rengar only hunts the most challenging of prey tracking their most recent movements. Rengar will study his prey if they are visible and within 1500u increasing his damage dealt and reducing damage taken against the target. Rengar will be given a choice of targets to hunt if they possess a higher bounty or have killed Rengar recently. [EX: This system is similar to Kindred's but without permanent benefit. As for the tracking, it would similar to Ekko's hologram. The goal of the passive is to make Rengar pick challenging targets, not just the squishiesst target. Would probably add something on-kill to symbolize the Thrill of the Kill probably massive cooldown reduction for a duration. Of course I haven't quite figured how it would help his gameplay objectives, just thought it would be interesting] **Savagery** Rengar leaps to target area striking at the closest target in a 50u radius. Cooldown is reduced to 1.5 seconds if a target is within 250u on-cast. [EX: Knife cats shouldn't need bushes! Remember the cinematic: "A Mew Dawn"? Well I want his Q to be just that, a spammable yet dodgeable leap attack. Why dodgeable? Because spammable and QQ about no counterplay] [EX: Battle Roar isn't staying because it makes no sense to starting roaring and be okay, this isn't oranges we're talking about and hunters wouldn't reveal their location...] **Bolas Strike** Rengar throws a Bola that attaches to the first target hit. Two weights then orbit inwards stunning the target when they hit unless intercepted by another unit in which case only damage is applied. [EX: The description is weird because my perspective of a bola of weird. But here's the basic idea, 3 weights, 1 first impacts target, the other two spin inwards due to momentum. I changed this ability mostly cause I had a concept champ that used bolas like this that didn't go as planned so it's being moved here. Also puts the idea of grouping to mind to avoid hard CC] ____ Another concept for Mordekaiser before his possible rework Passive: Unholy Host Every time Mord inflicts magic damage, he rips part of the unit's soul. If Morde rips out more than a percentage of a unit's soul, that unit will serve Mord for a duration after death. When Mord takes damage, a portion of his souls obtained are lost to mitigate damage, however if damage would be lethal, all remaining souls would be used to attempt to prevent death. Basically same thing as his current passive except that it doesn't shields part of the hit unless it would bring Morde to 0 health. Q: Nightfall Passive: Morde's basic attacks deal physical damage in an area around the target and all units damage are grounded for a brief duration. Morde's basic attacks also cannot be cancelled and lock Morde in place for a brief duration Active: For the next swing, infuse souls into Nightfall, causing souls to burst forth when dealing additional magic damage in a larger radius W: Black Mist Passive: Souls stolen surround Morde occasionally striking at nearby targets Morde has damaged recently while passively dealing damage to units in the area. Active: Spreads dominion of souls increasing radius in which they can strike and also the amount of souls used to mitigate damage temporarily E: Creeping Death Active: Unleashes a wave of appendages snaring targets. A brief duration after cast, Morde will attempt to draw in souls in a large radius dealing percentage damage over time. R: Iron Maiden Morde temporarily break his mortal hold on his armor dealing damage to himself and becoming untargetable for a brief duration before reforming at target location. If an enemy unit is at target location, Morde encases them inside his armor. Target takes damage over time, is nearsighted, and takes a portion of the damage Morde receives while trapped instead and Morde gains a portion of the unit's stats as time increases.
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