DJ Sona: Answering some frequently asked questions.

DJ Sona - Ultimate Skin - Voice
Voice for the new Ultimate Skin DJ Sona
EDIT: ~~DJ sona is currently 50% off in the store in PBE. 1900 rp.~~ They have also decided... That they have no idea if this will go on sale or not. Also unknown until release. ~~She will be released some time within the next patch.~~ They changed their minds, it'll be out in a few months and anywhere in between. the date will stay unknown, but until then it will be out on PBE early. I can see why. There's definitely a lot of bugs that would come with something as big and complicated as this skin. There can only be 1 Sona on 1 team, so if you were to play blind picks, there's a chance the enemy team will have a Sona as well with the same skin. Therefore the songs will overlap, and this is why the song is not global to both teams and limited to only yours. This will also confirm that this is as unique as you can get for a skin, so she will be the only one in game to have music tracks of their own. If anybody else DOES end up getting a musical skin concept, they will not come with their own music unless it involves an ability. Song can be muted manually by YOU, and only be changed by the person with the skin, so be sure to make a majority vote on what you'd like to listen to. If you don't get what you like, well.. Too bad. It's their skin. Tracks/skin can be changed by using the command /Toggle and choose or CTRL +5 VO: When you listen to her voice, it has been remixed and been made to fit her track accordingly. The fact you can barely understand her is ON PURPOSE..! Check the vid above. Hope this helps some people. If you have any more questions, post them down below and i may gladly look 'em up to answer it. I said "FEW" Months on purpose. Make sure people don't keep making the same mistake to buy rp and shit so early. The early hype is sly and quick. You'd want it so bad the sec it was heard you'd wouldn't think logically about saving your rp if you got it way too damn early and had to wait a least a full month till release.
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