Doss, the Conscientious Objector

**Description:** Are you familiar with the Hacksaw Ridge in WW2? No? Then have you watch the 2016 war movie with the same title? As the name suggest, it is based off of a veteran who fought in the second war by saving lives rather than killing them. This champion has abilities based off of medic abilities in other games as long as it involves the use of medicine and healing devices instead of healing magic. Due to the game mechanics forcing champions to use auto-attacks, Doss would use his fists but has the weakest auto-attack in the entire roster because like the real life Doss, he does not like killing. Majority of his kit is all about support. He is also a character who can rescue champions once they are down. We'll get to that in a bit. . . **General Stats:** Main Role - Support Secondary Bar - Mana Secondary Attribute - Melee Style - Physical Difficulty - 3/3 Damage - 0/3 Utility - 3/3 Mobility - 3/3 Control - 1/3 Toughness - 1/3 **Abilities:** Passive - _Prayer of 75_ - Doss always gives prayers to his team before entering combat. All allies will gain a 5% bonus to all their stats. They gain a 10% bonus instead if Doss is nearby. - When a nearby allied champion loses all health, instead of dying, they will go into a _downed_ state. In this downed state, a ten second countdown will initiate before they die. While in this countdown state, Doss can revive the downed teammate by providing treatment. After channeling for five seconds upon reaching the selected downed champion to rescue, the allied champion will be revived with 50% health. This would prevent enemies from gaining awards for killing. When the same champion is downed the second time, Doss will have to instead carry his ally back to based at the cost of movement speed while dragging, so they can be revived upon reaching the base which also prevents enemies from gaining awards for the kill. It is only the third time when his ally dies. When an ally is rescued, they gain 10% more bonus to their stats for two minutes or until they are killed. The downed state ten second countdown will initiate along with the death timer. First Ability - _Unkie White_ Doss injects the selected ally or himself with an adrenaline that will give them temporary extra health and additional movement speed for five seconds. (He'll have to do it up close though) Second Ability - _Medical Powder_ Either on himself or a selected ally, Doss pours a medical powder on wounds, recovering health and removing damage overtime status effects. Third Ability - _Save your Life!_ Upon selecting a living champion, Doss tackles that champion and pushes him or her out of harm's way, making both him and the target evade all incoming attacks while being tackled. He can use this ability on enemy champions too but the same effect applies to them as well. (However this ability can be used to catch enemies, or stop them from using attacks. For example, if {{champion:19}} uses Infinite Duress on an enemy champion, while he is leaping, Doss, if in the right position, can tackle Warwick to interrupt this attack. Or if Warwick does end up landing on a champion, Doss can tackle his ally out of Warwick's attack or tackle Warwick to interrupt the attack. This ability does not deal any damage but it can still serve as a valuable source of crowd control or rescue) Ultimate - _"Help me get one more"_ For 10 seconds, Doss gains additional movement speed and a 50% dodge chance. This enables him to do his job as a combat medic a lot quicker. He can also save two allies at the same time by dragging one towards the other, but he can only do that once per cast. Additional Passive I- _"Thou shall not kill"_ Unfortunately, due to his moral practice of not killing, Doss's auto-attack deals only 1 damage and cannot gain additional attack damage from other sources such as items or buffs. Additional Passive II - _Gift of Prayers_ Doss gains double the award for saving downed allies compared to awards for gaining kills. But he also gains double the award for supporting ally kills while gaining normal support awards if he has not contributed in gaining the kill. **Tips:** Playing as Doss - - Your main role is to strictly rescue allies. Provide treatment to every ally who get put into the downed state. - Wait until enemies are clear of the downed ally, then continue with the rescue. Becareful of rescuing allies behind enemy lines. - Unlike most supports, Doss can heal more health by building on items that increases both attack damage and ability power. Playing against Doss - - Doss is a high priority target. He must be eliminated first before anyone else. - Do not leave enemy bodies lying in the open as Doss would steal your awards by rescuing his downed comrades. - Take advantage of the fact that Doss does not like killing. He is extremely vulnerable when he's alone and has no means of fight back. **Lore:** At times of war, fighting was the way of life for a warrior. Barring arms to fight for honor and glory of combat, to gain wealth from the title you bare with such practices. At times of war, honor can even be gained by the hearts of the highest bitter. Honor is gained by killing one another. Pride is given to one who kills his adversary. Praise is given to those who have taken many lives in cold blood. This way of life was not the life of Doss. Doss grew up in a religious family back at Piltover. Their religious beliefs were much different from any culture across the world. Something about another god that's not really of this world but believed to exist with different and very unusual practices such as the vegetarian diet. But what stood out the most about Doss was that even in war, he refused to kill. When times of war would come, he would serve in the military but not as a rifleman due to his beliefs. Instead, he would fight as a medic, a field doctor, someone to treat the wounded while in combat. This was usually something a healing mage would do. But Doss was no mage therefore unable to heal others with healing magic. Only thing is he doesn't necessarily use healing magic. Instead, he's always packed himself with a medical kit which has medicine that proves a lot more effective than any healing magic coming to existence. Although some believed that he had blessed the medicine with prayers because he tends to pray to his god before entering combat with his comrades. In his military career, he made fun of by his comrades due to his religion and his diet, and the fact that he refuses to carry a weapon. His instructors were especially displeased by his refusal to bare arms but Doss stuck to his beliefs. So instead of serving as a fighter, he would sign up to serve as a medic. Meanwhile he would be mocked by the other troops by being pushed and shoved around all the time. Sometimes knocking his book out of his hand when reading it. In his religion, the seventh day of the week is suppose to be the day of the sabbath so his captain would talk to their superiors and agreed that Doss would get the seventh day off rather than the first day. But to make up for this change, Doss would have to pull extra duties during the first day of the week where no one is there to witness him pulling off the extra duties. Therefore, during the other days of the week, his comrades would treat him with hostility even more just because they think he had it easy. One soldier would even threaten to kill him in the battlefield when the time comes. Eventually, Doss would be deployed to serve as a combat medic, taking part in a march that would exhaust many soldiers and leave blisters on their feet. While others carried weapons in their backs and arms, Doss was carrying only his medical supplies. They believed he wouldn't have a difficult time with the march since he didn't have to carry a weapon. But his medical bags were almost as heavy and would cause this awkward waddling as he ran. At the end of the march where there were some who were exhausted or passed out, left with blistered, Doss had insisted that he check on the soldiers to treat their wounds and injuries, basically put them all into good health. Because of this, his fellow soldiers began to show respect for him, even embracing him as a fellow soldier. Piltover would go at war against Noxus due to the Noxian's expansionist campaigns involving the attempt to take control of Piltover. Certain operations would take him to the frontlines because of his role as a combat medic. The first time he's experienced war was in the battle of Kalamanda where Noxians were invading to purge the town of its Hex-Crystals. When fighting against the Noxians, Doss would attend to the wounded resistence who had being severely injured by traps set up by the Noxians, as well as recover those who have survived their brutish attacks. Doss even had to tackle a noxian soldier to prevent him from ending the life of a young warrior. Many injured had been carried out of Kalamanda but many more were killed in cold blood by the noxians. Watching heads and limbs getting severed as well as watching the injured cry in pain and agony was Doss's first taste in war and one of the many reasons why he refuses to kill. Doss had taken a trip to Ionia one day and got caught in the middle of a Noxian invasion. During the battle, Doss would help treat the wounded Ionian troops as if they were one of his own. Many of the Ionian troops would protect Doss since they and Piltover share a common enemy. Throughout this battle, one of the Ionian troops had been struck by arrows and a healer had to rush to his rescue. The healer was unfortunately struck by another arrow rain and Doss and yet another Ionian healer had to come to their rescue. The healer who was attempting to save the Ionian soldier was an old friend of Doss who also joined the military in Piltover as a combat medic. He and the other Ionian healer had helped carry both the soldier and Doss's old friend down from the battlezone. Unfortunately, Doss's old friend would pass away due to the severe piercing of the arrow. Doss decided that afterwards, he would not look at the face of those he was treating in case the face belonged to another friend. The Ionian who was healing Doss carry the injured soldier was also killed by an assassin who manage to kill the Ionian with a throwing dagger that had been poisoned. Throughout this mission, Doss would go hungry because of his vegetarian diet. He ate tasteless crackers and hunted for plants. Alternate sources of protein would also be a challenge. When he tried grabbing some fresh coconuts because the ones on the ground gave him diarrhea, he was being attacked by poorly aimed archery. Some agents from back at Piltover who were sent to rescue Doss eliminated the Noxians, eventually finding out that they had been drunk from the sake they had looted from some of the Ionian villages. Among the rescuers that had saved Doss from the Noxians, he was surprised to find out that the same soldier who had threatened him back then now came to Doss for guidance and prayers. The deadliest battle that Doss has ever faced was at the cliff edges of the Varju Mountains near Qualthala where Piltover's Military had been sent to take control of an outpost at the cliff to serve as a base that is crucial to any future operations towards the invasion of the Noxian capital. Doss was assigned to the first battalion as a combat medic. They were sent to climb up a cliff on a cargo net they've tied up. Before they began the operation, Doss sent a prayer to his comrades. When the troops had reached the top of the cliff, they were met by a surprising amount of gunfire. This is because a couple of Noxian Warmasons had been recruiting pirates from back at Bilgewater who had a surprising amount of stolen firearms at the time. This includes field cannons and prototype machineguns. It caused severe casualties on the assault troops. Wave after wave, troops were sent to take on the hired guns but all have yet to cease control of the outpost. At the most fortified part of the enemy base, occupied by pirates, four soldiers were left wounded due to an explosion caused by one of the troop's own grenade after his throwing had been delayed from being shot by enemy gunfire. Doss would then rescue the four troops by treating and evacuating the troops back down the cliff, one by one. At night, the cannonfire continues as the troops hid inside caves which the bilgewater pirates would then infiltrate to sneak and kill the troops who were hiding inside there. The next day, an artillery officer had been struck, severely wounded by shrapnel from enemy black powder explosives. Doss did all he could to save the officer, but unfortunately, the officer died before he could reach the medical campsite. The next assault troops were sent along with Doss who finishes his prayers before happily assisting the troops on the assault. What they didn't expect, however, were the Noxians making their advance pass the pirate base camp, and with their hired pirates, they charge towards the assault, taking down every enemy soldier they come across without showing any mercy. The assault team were then driven back to the edge of the cliff, hurrying down with faces of defeat. But despite how dangerous the battle had become, Doss refused to take cover or retreat. Instead, he continued rescuing severely injuried soldiers, bringing them safely down the cliff, one by one, tying ropes on stretchers to get the severely injured down the cliff, then later resorted to tying the rope on the severely injured's chest and legs. Throughout this process, he had been praying to his lord that he and his comrades would make it out of this battle alive and also prayed to his lord that he would save one more comrade. And after that, one more had been saved. . . In that same day, when Doss was attempting to rescue one last comrade, he found himself stuck behind enemy lines. The Noxians and their pirates were on the hunt for survivors. While the Noxians would stab or decapitate the survivors, the pirates would then loot their bodies for any valuable goods such as weapons or consumables. As he avoided the patrol, Doss comes across a Noxian who was severely injured from the battle. But instead of killing the Noxian due to his religious beliefs, Doss provides the Noxian with medical treatment, secretly and so the Noxian, surprised by Doss's efforts, swore to keep his rescue a secret. It was believed that after that day, the Noxian that Doss had rescued betrayed his ruthless comrades by hiring Bilgewater Privateers to return a heavy amount of artilleryfire at the enemy outpost. This was because Doss had rescued a Noxian who had great ties to the big gangs back at Bilgewater, those gangs being the ones who also had ties to gunsmiths back at Piltover. The crew had been sent on a battlecruiser on the river near Piltover, using the technology they had access to, providing the most powerful artillery barrage the Noxians and their Bilgewater pirates ever faced. This lead the next assault to finally take control over the outpost, leaving victory to the assaulting forces of Piltover. The Noxian who had betrayed his defending comrades defected from Noxus, living the rest of his days as a Bilgewater Privateer, contracted exclusively by Piltover officials. It was a miracle that Doss was not hurt during the assault while saving at least 75 comrades who all made it to the medical campsites, not including the Noxian defector. But that was soon to change as the same two Noxian Warmasons who had hired the pirates, learned of the betrayal, leaving a bounty on both the defector and his saviour, Doss. In a night attack by Noxian troops, Doss had to tend to severely wounded soldiers in the middle of the battlefield while risking being hit by Noxian troops and by friendly fire. A blackmage had casted a destruction spell at a shell hole where Doss was with another ally soldier. It was an explosion spell that focuses its energy on a single spot. Then after a few seconds, the spell would burst, burning anyone who stands within range of the explosion. Doss's instinct was to cover the explosion with his feet, causing him to get leg injuries from the blast. Afterwards, he would treat his disabled legs while providing treatment to his fellow soldiers. This whole time he was doing so, he had to crawl to the severely injured, doing so until other medics would carry him out of the battlefield on a stretcher. But as he was leaving the battlefield, he spots another severely injured soldier and insisted that the soldier would be taken back on the stretcher instead of him, leaving Doss to wait for the medics to come back for him afterwards. He was then rescued by a fellow soldier, being carried back behind the front lines. But on his way back, a bounty hunter had targeted him, firing a bullet that fractures his arm. When the two were behind cover, Doss instructed the soldier on how to tie the rifle onto the shattered arm to serve as a splint, then crawled away from the attack. His arm and his legs were severely injured to the point where they cannot be saved. But with the help of certain doctors and mechanics back at Piltover, Doss was able to replace his legs and his severed arm with mechanical ones, leading him to be able to return to the combat zones to rescue more comrades. He gladly does so to this day despite the Noxians constantly targeting him. And with the help of his new comrade, the Noxian Defector, together, even more lives will be saved and return to their homes back to their families. "While other will be taking life, I will be saving them," - Doss **Appearance:** Like the real life Desmond Doss, this Doss will appear as a medic. But his outfit would have a Piltover twist. He would wear the Field Doctor outfit from the Colonial Ages while carrying medical bags you see in the Progressive Eras of World War I and II, all of which have Hextech designs and color. His prosthetic arm and legs are especially made with Hextechnology. But they only serve as an ordinary prosthetic limb. **Skins:** - Combat Medic Doss,0.495&mode=crop&width=1920&rnd=131333671850000000 - Doctor Doss - Special Forces Doss **Dialogue:** Upon Selection - "While others will be taking life, I will be saving them." Starting the Match - "I've read my prayers. Let's get to work." "Our lord will be with us." "I'm not willing to kill." First Move - "Be careful out there." Attacking - "It ain't much." "No killing." "Just a minor scratch, alright?" "This is against my beliefs." "I'm not gonna do it." Movement - "Any lives that need saving?" "I'll get to them as soon as I can." "I'm gonna get them out while they fight." "Don't forget, I ain't fighting to kill people." Reviving an Ally - "You're gonna be okay!" "I got you! Hang tight!" "Stay with me, alright!" "Hold still! You'll be alright!" "Don't you die on me!" Carrying an Ally - "I'm getting back home!" "Stay with me! I'm taking you home!" "Just hold on for a little while longer!" "Come on! We gotta go!" "No, don't- Don't you do that! Come on, stick with me! We gotta go!" Using _Unkie White_ - "Morphine. It's good." "This'll help the pain." "Just one shot, alright?" Using _Medical Powder_ - "Let's get you patched up." "Nasty wound but you'll fine after this." "It's good for you. Just hold still." "Hold still for me, alright? This won't take long." Using _Save your Life!_ on Ally - "Move!" "Get down!" "Out of the way!" Using _Save your Life!_ on Enemy - "Grgh!" "No you don't!" "Not on my watch!" Using _"Help me get one more"_ - "Please, Lord, help me get one more. . ." "Help me get one more. . ." "One more. . . help me get one more. . ." Joke - "Is there a doctor in the house or is it just me?" "Let me check your feet. They could either be blistered or they stink. . . or both. . ." Taunt - "Kill me! I ain't even usin' a gun!" "Come on! Here I am! I'm unarmed here! Shoot me!" Taunting a Noxian - "You want me, Noxian? Here I am! Come an get me!" "You're lucky I'm willin' to save your life if I have to." Taunting Demacian - "You say your serve Justice by killing. All I see is a bunch of white knights sinning against a god." "There are better methods than death. You know that." Taunting {{champion:119}} {{champion:202}} - "You're just as sick and twisted. May the lord have mercy on you." "You're nothing but a murderer and a sinner. May thee have mercy." Taunting {{champion:28}} {{champion:103}} - "You play the heart to take a life." "You can't fool me. I know what you are. What you can do." {{champion:104}} {{champion:4}} - "You like to gamble. But your luck won't last." "Hope you're lucky enough for me to save ya. Cause I can't save them all." Taunt {{champion:112}} - "You're already dead inside. I wish I had the power to save you." Taunt {{champion:236}} - "I'm sorry for your loss. I hope you find what you are looking for." "We'll get her back, Lucien. I promise." Taunt {{champion:412}} - "Give her back, Thresh! That soul doesn't belong to you!" "You will be judged by the Lord when we free those souls." Taunt {{champion:429}} - "Vengeance is a double-edged sword." "There are other ways to vengeance other than killing." Taunt {{champion:223}} - "A demon's promise is never real!" Taunt {{champion:14}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:268}} - "You're suppose to be dead. . . what did they do to you?" "You can't live like this. . . it's too much to watch. . ." Taunt {{champion:23}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:240}} - "I'll just. . . call in a psychologist. . ." Taunt {{champion:420}} - "Motion? I'm always in motion." "I'm on the move everyday." "Doesn't hurt to stop and rest for a bit. . ." "One more, Illaoi. . . One more. . ." Taunt {{champion:80}} - "War is just another excuse to kill." "We all can't keep fighting forever." Taunt {{champion:10}} - "An Angel? The lord speaks?" "A message from the lord?" Taunt {{champion:25}} - "What. . . happened to this angel?" "I have faith that you'll make it back." "Don't give in. You still have a chance." **Notes:** - I want Doss to be the best support in the game to make up for the fact that he does not kill. I am open to suggestions on how to improve on this concept. - It's obvious that his lore is based on the actual story of Desmond Doss. I had to do some research on the main lore in order to keep his biography as lore friendly as possible. - I wanted to keep the name of Doss's religion anonymous in this custom League of Legends Lore to avoid any unwanted controversies in the thread. If you have any suggestion, I'm open for discussions. _That's all I have for now but I want to keep exploring this concept. Any of you determined and risk taking creators want to take a shot in improving this concept, I'd be welcome to suggestions. And keep the discussions professional. I know some people can be toxic and the concept behind this champion could not work for a lot of reasons but that's why I'm asking for help on how to make it work. Suggestions are welcome as long as the ideas fit in with the character. Lore changes are welcome as well. I could use some help with professional novelists._
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